Start Hardcore 5 Hardcore-Bands mit Robin von SOULPRISON

5 Hardcore-Bands mit Robin von SOULPRISON

Soulprison-Gitarrist Robin und seine 5 Lieblinge.

Soulprison - Photo by Fragmente Deutschland (Isabel Thalhäuser)
Soulprison - Photo by Fragmente Deutschland (Isabel Thalhäuser)

Nachdem die Rubrik Support Your Locals, bei der Bands andere Kapellen aus ihren Heimatort vorstellen, in diesem Jahr doch etwas eingeschlafen ist, freuen wir uns, dass wir endlich wieder eine neue Ausgabe an den Start bringen können. Dort stellt uns Robin, seines Zeichen Gitarrist bei Soulprison, fünf Bands aus Süddeutschland (und auch darüber hinaus vor).

Anlass dafür ist die bevorstehende EP Vision Of The Void, die diesen Freitag erscheinen wird.

Support Your Locals #51 mit Robin von Soulprison

Hi, this is Robin from Soulprison and I play guitar and act as a songwriter and producer in the band. We founded the band back in 2020 right before COVID hit and started recording our Demo pretty soon after we found every band member. I would describe our music as Crossover as we mix elements of Hardcore that we love and admire with a lot of heavy metal and metal that has influenced us over the years as musicians. The combination makes it for me!

The local scene in Stuttgart and area is pretty small which is why Soulprison has members from all around Southern Germany. We have some local heroes but the Hip Hop and Techno scenes are far more spread around here. Many clubs we loved have closed down and not many possibilities are left to have decent nights out with proper music. The club that is holding the flag up high is Juha West, where Flo keeps bringing banger bands to the city which I am forever grateful for.

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I don’t think that I have to introduce Empowerment to the community. They are the biggest act from our area and have shaped the Stuttgart scene and set the stage for bands like Minus Youth or us. They have always welcomed new bands with open arms and integrated them into the community. They will have their last show in December this year – this will be a party no one will forget. Out of Empowerment a new band has formed named Prison Of Hope with whom we were able to share the stage twice already. Great dudes, nice energy, good message! Can’t wait for more shows together.

Minus Youth

Our buddies and also a big thing here in the South of Germany. Everyone knows them, their energy and power on stage as well as their stage invading singer, Denis. We cannot wait to play more shows with the lads and can only hope for many more years to come where we can experience music and the Hardcore scene in Germany together. Their guitarist Tobi regularly helps out for us and plays his guitar just on another level 😉

Peace Of Mind

Peace of Mind is a name in German Hardcore and rightfully so. They toured their asses off and have worked a lot to be where they are today. We cannot wait to listen to their newest record which they have just finished recording – no spoiler, but there will be bangers, guaranteed. They helped us to set a foot in the scene and advised us at the beginning when we recorded our demo. Great people, great friends. Cheers und vom Feinsten Alda!

Neck Lock & Moral Fever

Fortunately enough we were able to play with both bands recently in Xanten. They both really brought their A-game that night and showed that Hardcore in Germany is alive and well. The sets they played were amazing and it was just great seeing them bring intense energy to the stage which immediately spilled over to the crowd. If you are into Metallic and Heavy Hardcore  you MUST check those two bands out. Furthermore, extremely nice and welcoming people.

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Vision Of The Void wird am Freitag, den 02. Dezember 2022, erscheinen.

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– Playlist: Happy Release Day

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