Start Punk Streetpunk 5 Punk-Bands aus North East England mit Chris Wright von CRASHED OUT

5 Punk-Bands aus North East England mit Chris Wright von CRASHED OUT

Crashed Out-Sänger Chris und seine Top-5 aus North East England!

Crashed Out (Photo by Mick Martin)
Crashed Out (Photo by Mick Martin)

Crashed Out, die seit nunmehr über 25 Jahren aktiv sind, werden im April über Demons Run Amok Entertainment ihre Diskografie um ein weiteres Release anreichern. Wir nahmen Against All Odds zum Anlass uns von Frontmann Chris Wright seine fünf Lieblingsbands aus North East England vorzustellen.

Support Your Locals #50 mit Chris von Crashed Out

My name is Chris Wright I am lead vocalist in Crashed Out, we are based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East UK. Our scene is quite healthy up here we get a cross over of old punk rockers skinheads and casuals, as well as rockers and a few of the younger generation coming to our shows.

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1Angelic Upstarts

Angelic Upstarts started in 1977 I’ve been a fan since i was 12 years old!! Angelic Upstarts were a staunch working class band very political and active Anti Fascists.  The band were a very big influence on Crashed Out, Mensi became a good friend of ours and helped the band out massively. We played many shows together all over the UK and Europe. I actually fronted the band for a year when Mensi asked me to, he needed time out as he had personal family issues to sort out. That was back in 2006. Lee our guitarist (my brother) was also in the band for a few years as was our drummer Johnny. So we became kind of one big Crashed Out/Upstarts family so to speak. We released a split album together: The Dirty Dozen (soon to be re released on Demons Run Amok records) Sadly Mensi passed away from Covid in Dec 2021, (he is still a massive miss it was such a shock to the whole punk rock scene) We have organized a Tribute concert Taking place on 1st April in his name and all money will go to the local hospital that looked after Mensi. Angelic Upstarts/Mensi continues to be a big influence on us. Legends Don’t Die!

2The Wildhearts

The Wildhearts these lads come from South Shields about 3 miles from where i live and they have wrote some absolute classic punk/rock songs. They have a bit of a crossover following ie Punk/Rock. I love there’s songs because there are well put together and catchy as anything. These lads are very professional, I am honored that Crashed Out have supported them twice. I also tattooed Ginger Wildheart which was quiet fun haha!

3The Toy Dolls

The Toy Dolls a truly unique band! Nobody in the world writes and performs songs like these lads, Olga has became a good mate of ours we have done backing vocals for his releases in the past. Olga also played guitar on our song: Freakshow which is on our Pearls Before Swine album. Lee and Olga have started a side project band together called Monkeys Mind. We play a sold out show with The Toy Dolls on 14th September 2022.


Leatherface again another band that do it their own way very Unique sounding. They have been around a long time and played some major festivals etc. over the years. We have shared the stage with these lads quite a few times a band thats defiantly worth checking out.

5The Struggle

The Struggle a band I did vocals for it was a side project band, we recorded an album that I am very proud of called Endless and it was released on Pirates Press records. The album had some absolute stormers on it some very hardcore sounding. We got some cracking reviews for Endless we played some great gigs together included the Mighty Rebellion festival. Sadly I had to leave the band as I just had no time for two bands running a Tattoo studio, coaching at a boxing gym and family life. So something had to give unfortunately it was The Struggle.

Against All Odds wird am 15. April 2022 über Demons Run Amok Entertainment erscheinen und kann bei CoreTex vorbestellt werden.

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