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JUGHEAD’S REVENGE im Interview: Joe Doherty zur Tour, Album und etwas Historie

"We love playing in Germany. We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone out there again. I hope they haven’t forgotten who we are."

Jughead's Revenge

Jughead’s Revenge sind zurück auf der Bildfläche. Sowohl auf Tonträger, als auch auf den Bühnen dieser Welt. Somit war das ein guter Anlass, den Kontakt zu suchen und ein paar Fragen an Frontmann Joe Doherty loszuwerden. Anfänglich etwas knapp an Worten kam dann doch noch etwas mehr Fahrt in die Antworten. Das neue Mini-Album heißt Vultures, kommt auf SBÄM Records heraus und bietet einen tollen Vorgeschmack auf ein hoffentlich kommendes neues Album.

AFL: Hey Guys, first of all, nice to have you and what great news that you do new music this year.

- Werbung -
– Empfehlung: Thin Ice - A Matter Of Time

Joe: Thank you, very much appreciate.

AFL: I had the opportunity to pre-listen. And i need to say: Awesome songs. Is Vultures supposed to be the cornerstone for the first full-length in almost 24 years?

Joe: Thank you, again. I’m glad you like it. We are talking about a full-length in the future, maybe next year.

AFL: A song that oviously stands out is Eighties. I guess it is some kind of tribute to that time?

Joe: Eighties is a cover song originally done by Killing Joke, so yes!

AFL: Let´s talk about  Isolation Time. It is not only the name oft he first song on Vultures but also has been a large part in all our lifes during Covid. Did that song result of that phase in all our lifes and how did you get through?

Joe: Isolation Time’s title is in part related to the shutdown during Covid. Though it’s more about isolating yourself from others to hold on to your sanity. I’m not a very social person, so the idea of cutting myself off from everyone to work on me was something I wanted to write about. So the song is only about enjoying the solitude of isolation. Hopefully others feeling the same way can relate.

AFL: You are going on European Tour in June. For how long haven´t you been overseas?

Joe: The last time we were in Europe was 1998.

Jughead´s Revenge Vultures
Jughead´s Revenge – Vultures (2023)

AFL: You e.g. are playing festivals in Germany like Booze Cruise or Beard Ättäck this year.  Everyone is happy that there´s a normal way of touring. How much do you look forward to that summer and what do you expect?

Joe: We love playing in Germany. We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone out there again. I hope they haven’t forgotten who we are.

AFL: I´d like to ask you some questions which are always insteresting to me, when I talk to bands. What music to you hear in private? Do you go to shows in your free time? And can you remember your first time getting in touch with punk music?

Joe: I have always been into many different kinds of music. There were many older kids on my block that introduced me to all these different genres. When it came to Punk Rock, my introduction to it was mainly from my neighbor, Jay Bentley at the time that Bad Religion were getting started. He took me to my first shows when I was around 14. He showed me records by the Adolescents, TSOL and the original lineup of The Vandals. At 18 I started Jughead’s Revenge with Joey and Brian. As for present day. My playlist on my phone has everything from Misfits and Buzzcocks to Girls Against Boys, Etta James and High On Fire. I love variety.

I don’t go to many shows now. I’m kind of a hermit . So it has to be a special one for me to be there. Right up to the Covid shutdown, I was a promoter in Los Angeles for 8 years, so I was at shows multiple times a week. I booked bands like Subhumans, Conflict, Eyehategod and a ton of others. It was also a way for me to help smaller local bands get on some bigger shows the same way others helped Jughead’s Revenge out when we started. I think giving back is important.

AFL: Final question: It is said that you disbanded due to a law suit because of the band name (Jughead Jones from Archie Comics). Was that real? And how did that end, since now it is over 20 years later and the name did not change?

Joe: As per the agreement on the lawsuit, we can’t talk about it.

AFL: Thank you for your time. If you have any final words to fans and future fans, now here´s your chance.

Joe: Vultures comes out on May 5th on SBÄM Records. We hope you like it and we can’t wait to see you in June!

- Werbung -
– Playlist: Happy Release Day

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