karl alvarez
karl alvarez

Weiter geht es in der Interview-Reihe mit den zufällig gezogenen Fragen. Wie immer und auch in Zukunft zog auch dieses Mal der/die Interviewpartner*in oder auch die komplette Band fünf Fragen aus der Box, ohne eine Ahnung zu haben, was drauf stehen wird.

#8: Karl Alvarez (Descendents)

Nachdem ja in Ausgabe #3 schon Bill Stevenson zu Wort kam, durfte hier auch das nächste Mitglied der legendären Descendents ein wenig mit mir Karten spielen. Hier ist das Ergebnis mit Karl Alvarez:

1Kategorie „SERIOUS“: In my opinion every Band should have a clear political standing. Would you tell me yours?

Karl: I don´t know if any collective group of people ever have a uniform idea of what politic is but I guess for me and my guys, we are more into a human politic. I mean we certainly we don´t want anyone to be made to suffer because of a system that is cruel. And if that puts me on the left side of the spectrum, so be it, you know. That´s my politics. My politics is human beings.

2Kategorie „MUSIC“: How would you describe your style to someone who is not into the genre already?

5 Shots Bild
5 Shots Bild

Karl: Over caffinated, extremely fast, extremely loud punk rock music. I´ve described it to lift drivers before and they usually look at me like I´m insane cause I´m like: Well, it´s like The Beach Boys were playing a million miles an hour on too much coffee and you know, only had three instruments. That´s kinda what we do.

3Kategorie „FUN“: You´re on a lonely island. What music album, what food that never ends and what drink would you need to stay alive and well?

Karl: Obviously the drink would be coffee, because you have to have that in your life. The food that never ends…boy, that´s a hard call. I´m a Mexican food enthusiast. So I´m gonna have to say a good salted red chili would be nice. A music album, that´s a hard one, too, because there are so many of them. Boah, that´s tough. I would say for the entire album, I´m gonna have to go with some old fashioned stuff. I´m a really big fan of blues, so it would possibly be an Otis Redding album. Taht´s what I´d listen to, yeah.

4Kategorie „SERIOUS“: War is…

Karl: Fucking stupid! It never solves anything. They adress the same problem later. And I know, obviously over the course of history it seems to be the human way of dealing with things and it´s fucking stupid. It´s gonna end up ruining the entire planet for everybody.

5Kategorie „FUN“: Your band is invited to a cooking show. What meal would you cook?

Karl: I personally would cook some empanadas or something like that. That´s what I would do, because I´m really good in that. And as a desert something heavy on chocolate, I guess. Something like a double chocolate cookie or so. And some sald, of course. You have to have greens to keep things moving.


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