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Andrew Seward, der bereits von 2002 bis 2013 Bassist von Against Me! war, ist endgültig zurück in der Band. Er wird den Schweden Inge Johansson ersetzten, der wiederum im Jahr 2013 seinen Posten als Bassist übernommen hatte.

Nachdem Seward in der letzten Zeit schon mehrfach wieder live mit Against Me! unterwegs war, ist das Comeback nun offiziell. So gab Sängerin Laura Jane Grace über Instagram folgendes Statement zum Besetzungswechsel:

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As some people may have noticed there’s been some change happening within @againstme recently and the shows we played in Detroit, Cleveland and Lansing a week ago were Andrew’s first shows back with the band in over 5 years. I don’t really know how to succinctly explain the reasons behind this happening so I’m going to pass on trying. All I want to say is that I love Inge, am forever thankful for our time playing together and what I learned from it and wish him nothing but the best in life. Been going through a period of great change in general lately and this is probably not the last time this year I’m going to have to ask that people be understanding of a choice made, there’s no maliciousness behind my intentions, I just gotta go after what I want. We head back out on tour again last week of July and 1st week of August. Dates in my bio! Photo by @joeleonard

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Against Me! veröffentlichte 2016 mit Shape Shift with Me ihr bislang letztes Album. Hier die bisherige Discography der Punk-Rock-Band aus Florida.

Against Me! – Studioalben

2002: Reinventing Axl Rose
2003: As the Eternal Cowboy
2005: Searching for a Former Clarity
2007: New Wave
2009: The Original Cowboy
2010: White Crosses
2011: Total Clarity
2011: Black Crosses
2014: Transgender Dysphoria Blues
2016: Shape Shift with Me

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