Chamber (Photo by Errick Easterday)
Chamber (Photo by Errick Easterday)

Chamber präsentiert uns mit Visions Of Hostility eine weitere neue Single. Der Song wird auf dem ersten Album der Metallic-Hardcore-Band aus Tennessee enthalten sein, das dann am 23. Oktober 2020 unter dem Titel Cost Of Sacrifice erscheinen wird. Gitarrist Gabe Manuel zur neuen Single:

“’Visions of Hostility’ is definitely one of the most aggressive and direct songs on the record.

We wanted to write a song that was shorter and heavier overall to break up the chaos of the first half of the album a little bit. Jacob and I wrote the lyrics together about our similar experiences growing up with absent/abusive fathers. This is definitely an angrier and more confrontational song than we usually write, and it brings some variety to the otherwise pretty chaotic first half of the LP.”

Der Nachfolger zu Ripping / Pulling / Tearing  (2019) wird über Pure Noise Records erscheinen. Die zehn neuen Songs wurden produziert von Randy LeBoeuf (Kublai Khan, The Acacia Strain).

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