Die Französische Hardcore-Punk Band Fire At Will hat ein neues Video zu ihrem Song Life Goes On veröffentlilcht. Der Song stammt von ihrem gleichnamigen Album, welches im April 2016 auf KROR Records erschienen ist.

Life Goes On kann auf der Bandcamp-Seite gestreamt werden.



Über Fire At Will

FIRE AT WILL is a French four pieces hardcore punk band, formed in 2006, in Toulouse. They play an intense and passionate music, based on fast tempos, melodies, and emotionally charged vocals delivered via shouting and singing. After a digital demo (2006), they released “Today is Mine” (2007), and “Hoping for the Best, Expecting the Worst” (2011). Their new album “Life goes on” is out since April 14th 2016 on KROD Records. They’ve toured around 20 countries all over Europe, and they will be going on their 4th European Tour in fall 2016.

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– Playlist: Happy Release Day

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