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NIGHT BIRDS streaming Album ‚Mutiny at Muscle Beach‘

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Die New Jersey Punk-Rock Band Night Birds haben ihr neues Album ‚Mutiny at Muscle Beach‘ komplett gestreamt. ‚Mutiny at Muscle Beach‘ wird am Freitag den 2. Oktober auf Fat Wreck Chords erscheinen.

Die Night Birds sagen äußerten sich zum Stream wie folgt:

HERE IT IS. Our new album streaming in it’s entirety for the first time. Give it a listen, share the thing, and talk some shit!! If you’ve been looking forward to it we hope it was worth the wait. Thanks for checking it out, hope ya dig it!

We are going to be all over the map over the course of the next 12 months so come out to a show and say hi…

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Night Birds - At Muscle Beach
Cover des neuen Night Birds Album ‚Mutiny At Muscle Beach‘
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