Die französische Hardcore Band Nine Eleven wird im Herbst ein neues Album mit dem Titel „Sentintels“ veröffentlichen. Das genaue Releasedate soll im Zeitraum zwischen Ende September und Anfang Oktober sein. „Sentintels“ wird auf Epidemic Records erscheinen. Mehr Informationen zum neuen Album findet ihr im Pressetext am Ende des Beitrags.

Des Weiteren haben Nine Eleven eine Tour vom 19. bis 30. Oktober mit Geraniüm (Frankreich) angekündigt.

Pressetext zu Nine Eleven von Epidemic Records

***A new release: NINE ELEVEN just announced a new album and a new tour!*** (segue in Italiano)

The french hardcore punk band Nine Eleven has just announced something highly anticipated by many fans: a new LP, called “Sentintels”.
Recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauvé and mastered by New East Alliance Studio (USA), “Sentinels” is a solid blend of anger, heavy sounds and melody, which is we all love in this band, but there are also new very interesting ideas and influences, which make this album sound like none of those released before.

The artwork is an amazing piece by Lost Paper. The album is coming out in vinyl (1000 copies, the fruit of a shared effort of 16 international labels (Emergence, Sieve & Sand, Guerilla Asso, Don’t Trust The Hype, Bad Mood, I For Us, Epidemic Records, Trivel, Hardcore For Losers, UxP, World’s Appreciated Kitsch, I Corrupt, Dingleberry, Grains Of Sand Records, Unlock Yourself, Désordre Ordonné), CD (300 copies, thanks to the Japanese label Jupiter Records) and 50 tapes (Ashes Cvlt Records).

Nine Eleven is also going to hit the road with Geraniüm (France), from October 19th to 30th.

The album release date is going to be set around the end of September/beginning the October.
Previews and preorders are coming soon. For now: just expect a great album we’re sure won’t let you down!

- Werbung -
– Playlist: Happy Release Day

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