Das US-Hardcore-Schwergewicht Death Before Dishonor veröffentlichte mit Unfinished Business erst vor wenigen Wochen ihr erstes Album seit fast einem Jahrzehnt. Anlass genug Sänger Bryan Harris nach seinen fünf Lieblingsbands aus Boston zu fragen – und ab dafür!

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5 Bands aus Boston, die ihr auschecken solltet

Hey everyone, My name is Bryan Harris. I sing for the Boston Hardcore band Death Before Dishonor. Here are 5 “newer” bands from the Boston area I think are worth checking out!

1Buried Dreams

The first band would be our bassist Austin’s other band called Buried Dreams. They are a newer Boston based heavy hardcore band that are great! They remind me of Cold as Life, lots of energy live and they just released a new full length called “9 Reasons Not To Live” that is out on Triple B records! Definitely a band everyone should check out!


Instigate is another new local band I am really into. They are a great newer hardcore band that have been playing a bunch of local shows lately. They have a record coming out August 10th called “Thanks for Nothing” I’m pretty sure this is their first actual release. I know they had some demo songs posted online! Anyways great new band that have been able to see a few times that always put on a great show. Looking forward to the record!

3Mickey Rickshaw

Mickey Rickshaw is a punk band from Boston. They released a great record called “Home in a Song” that came out in February. They have been a band for a few years now and have a couple releases out, “No Heaven For Heroes” being their debut release. I think it came out in 2015? Not 100 percent sure. Regardless a great punk band,  they have toured the states and Europe a little bit. I think they are going back to Europe in the fall of 2019 so keep an eye out for those guys!


Vein is a great band from the Boston area that is killing it right now.  They have been a band for maybe 5 or 6 years. They released a bunch of 7inch’s, they released a full length called “Errorzone” last year on Closed Casket Activities. They also are a touring machine. Gotta give those dudes a lot of credit, they are out there killing it internationally and really grind it out on the road!


Cinderblock is a Boston punk/oi band. I will be honest, I don’t know alot about them. Someone told me to check em out so I listened to their music on band camp. This band is really good. Fast, catchy, and angry punk. I’m really into this band so I know I will try and check em out next time they play here!

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Death Before Dishonors Unfinished Business ist am 26. Juli 2019 über Bridge Nine Records erschienen.

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