Tiger Army haben ein neues Video zu ihrem Song Prisoners Of The Night veröffentlicht. Der Song wird auf ihrem neuen Album V •••– erhalten sein, welches in diesem Jahr auf Rise Records erscheinen wird.

V •••– wird das erste Album seit fast 10 Jahren der US-Psychobillys sein.

Lyrics Prisoners Of The Night


I walk the streets so endlessly
Wandering where they cannot see
Fight my way through the struggle and strife
But I’ve become – a prisoner of the night

An alley cat so strong and proud
Sometimes you have to run and hide before you pounce
I look straight into the glow of his eyes
And he knows I’m a prisoner of the night

With a swish of his tail he is gone
And save for my shadow I’m alone
But the feeling of danger is there
Like a cat I crouch and stare
I’ll go down fighting all the way

The hair on my neck stands like his would
And there is cold steel at my side
Please do not force my hand
‚Cause I will end your life
The stars look on indifferently

Then I awaken from my dreams
It is the afternoon, it’s all slipped away from me
People walk, the city bustles with life
But soon enough I’ll be a prisoner of the night

- Werbung -
– Playlist: Happy Release Day

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