10 Records Worth To Die For: #129 mit Danny Young (Gluecifer / Smoke Mohawk)

10 Records Worth To Die For mit mit Danny Young (Gluecifer / Smoke Mohawk)
10 Records Worth To Die For mit mit Danny Young (Gluecifer / Smoke Mohawk)

Seit zwei Jahren stehen Gluecifer wieder gemeinsam auf der Bühne. Neben Turbonegro und The Hellacopters waren Gluecifer in den 90ern mit Vorreiter der skandinavischen Rockwelle, die weltweit die Musikszene auf den Kopf stellte.

Nachdem sich Gluecifer 2005 aufgelöst hatten spielte Danny Young auch zeitweise bei Bela B. Schlagzeug. Seit neustem hat er auch seinen eigenen Podcast: Dr. Gong’s Drumcast.
Hier sind die wichtigsten Platten seiner Sammlung:

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1Kiss – Alive

This was the first album I owned, it was given to me from a neighbour when I lived in Los Angeles growing up. I was 5 or 6 years old and it made a huge impact. Of course since there was a drum solo there on 100.000 years. But also the songs and hearing an audience was exciting. In latter years I have understood that Kiss were pretty good at mixing audience into the music, they do that live also, that is not the coolest thing in my book. An add on story here: The first album I bought was Kiss Double Platinum at Tower Records in Hollywood. It was after I saw the TV commercial for it. I was blown away by seeing Kiss live on tv (for a few seconds) and the US version of the LP was shiny silver and the album cover had the texture punched through so you could “feel” their faces with your fingers. That was cool. The album though, not that great. Tos songs: 100.000 Years, Cold Gin

2Led Zeppelin – II

If Kiss was the reason why I got interested in drumming early, Led Zeppelin was the reason why I really started taking drums seriously. Next to The Beatles, Led Zep is ranked high up there for being responsible for a lot of kids starting to play the drums.

When I first got hold of this album I listened to it religiously, especially the drums. I could not believe that drums could sound so good, so powerful & cool. There is something to be said about the guitar riffs here also. Living Loving Maid is in my book still a pretty cool riff and Ramble On is maybe their best song ever.

3Aerosmith – Pump

This was such a great album released at the right time in my life. I still think it is Aerosmiths best effort as a complete album. Yes, they have a lot of GREAT songs on other albums, that list is long, but Pump has very few weak spots I think. It sounds so powerful and they also have these short instrumentals between the songs where they played very atypical instruments for rock. I really like how the whole album is sequenced as well. F.I.N.E is maybe one of my favourites. Steven Tyler is really on fire.

4David Lee Roth – Crazy From The Heat

Now a lot can be said about the videos for this EP. It was however my entry to Van Halen. David Lee Roth took a big turn away from Van Halen recording this EP but it hit me right in my teenage years and it pointed me in the direction of Van Halen and for that I will be forever grateful. Best songs: Easy Street & Coconut Grove.

5Van Halen – Fair Warning

This is Van Halen’s darkest album. But it also has the the best work of Edward Van Halen. His guitar playing here is so heavy and powerful. Songs like Unchained and Mean Streets just demands that you turn up the volume. To quote David Lee Roth (from another VH album; „When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favour”?

Also the guitar solo on So This Is Love? Is one of Edwards best, it is very melodic and playful, kinda happy in a way.

6The Police – Outlandos D’Amour

The first CD I owned. The summer I bought this, cd’s were still a new phenomenon and I borrowed my fathers discman and listened to this album that whole summer. For me drummer Stewart Copeland become a very important figure in my life, not only as the drummer of The Police, but also as a music composer. The soundtrack for the 1983 movie Rumble Fish is one of the better film scores I know of. But back to the album. This is the hardest album by The Police & I really like the way the drums drive this and how they have such a prominent place in the sound. They are somewhat young and you can really hear that they are hungry and have a lot of drive. This was a very big part of my life growing up.

Top songs: Next To You, Born In The 50’s

7Masters Of Reality – Sunrise On The Sufferbus

Just hear the songwriting and the voice of Chriss Goss and the drums of Ginger Baker.

This was a huge part of my soundtrack during the 90’s and into the 2000’s. Most folks are not familiar with Sunrise On The Sufferbus, please check this album out. It is so full of incredibly well written and well sounding songs. Highlights: J.B Witchdance, Rabbit One

8Tom Waits – Rain Dogs

Another 90’s album for me (it was released in the 80’s) This was my Sunday morning coffee music. A lot of free time and no plans. Tom Waits writes the coolest lyrics and creates the most interesting soundscapes, that has always pulled me into his music.

I also love his songwriting and his voice, there is no one like him. Rain Dogs is my favourite of all his albums, and he has some really good ones! Top ones: Clap Hands, Gun Street Girl.

9Dre Dr – 2001

I heard this album the first time when we were touring in the US. For me it was a much need contrast to the distorted guitars and fast beats of the underground punkrock world in the early 2000’s. Some of us in the band/crew occupied the entire back lounge of our tour bus & this album was spinning loud at all hours of the day & night. Unforgettable moments of watching USA through the bus windows. We were tipped off by a taxi driver in Champaign Illinois, his hat was way down in his eyes & he was leaning way back while driving us to the hotel. Memories for life. “High”lights: The Watcher, The Next Episode

10The Rolling Stones – Exile On Main St

I mean, do I need to explain this one? Hahaha, I am a huge Stones fan and this is my fav of all of them. This album has been with me for so many years. Highlights: Sweet Virginia, Ventilator Blues.

11Tom Petty

I have to say, there is one artist and one song I would like to add to the mix. I am such a huge Tom Petty (& The Heartbreakers) fan, so much of his music has been a really big part of my life. Wouldn’t know where to start album wise.

And that one song that I personally think is the best song ever written is an instrumental; Dave Brubeck: Take Five (even if it didn’t have a drum solo it would still be the best tune ever written)

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