10 Records Worth To Die For: #141 mit Heavy Kevy Aper (The Apers/Insanity Alert/Sweatpants Party/Monster Zero Records)
'10 Records Worth To Die For' mit Heavy Kevy Aper

Kevin Aper und seine 10 Lieblingsplatten!

Picking a top 10 of all-time records is pretty much undoable for me. I think this goes for most people who are into music and over 40 🙂 But I managed to line up ten of my favorite records of all time. Ask me again in a month or so, and you might get a completely different list.

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1Dinosaur Jr. – Where You Been

I turned 13 in 1990 and grunge was ragin‘, even in a small farmer town in the west of the Netherlands. Nirvana was great, Pearl Jam not so much. And from all the bands that hit my tape deck, Dinosaur Jr. was my favorite. Raw, intense, heart-felt.

2S.O.D. – Speak English Or Die

This album defines crossover thrash for me. It’s brutal, fast and funny. Short songs, killer drums and riffs and a complete idiot singing over it.

3Amy Winehouse – Back To Black

Miss Winehouse opened the gates to a whole new universe of music for me. After hearing this album I dug deep into jazz, soul and old ska / reggae.

4Ramones – Road To Ruin

The ultimate classic punkrock LP by the ultimate classic punkrock band. I could pick any of the first 4 records, but to me they have found perfection on Road To Ruin. Ofcourse I dig other legends like The Clash, SLF, Dictators etc. but I’ve been a Ramones kid since the first time I heard 1-2-3-4

5Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong – Ella And Louis

I love poppy vocal jazz and these two legends together is just fantastic. The purists will laugh about it, but with a tracklist like this you can’t go wrong.

6NOFX – White Thrash, Two Heebs And A Bean

The early 90s Epitaph / Fat virus also hit the gates of Lekkerkerk, Zuid-Holland and NOFX have been favorite skatepunx. Snotty as fuck, fast and witty with a total fuck-you attitude without being macho. Fat Mike has inspired me alot as a frontman

7Oasis – What’s The Story, Morning Glory

Some would call this a guilty pleasure, but to me Oasis in the 90s is just great. Like the Sex Pistols in the late 70s.

8N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton

Perfect for cruisin‘ in my Seat Mii, the blue-print for gangsta rap.

9Obituary – Slowly We Rot

With this LP is got more into more brutal genres like deathmetal, grind, d-beat and crust. I also play it to piss off the neighbors. Live Obituary is probably the best metal band I’ve ever seen, together with Goatwhore

10Screeching Weasel – Anthem For A New Tomorrow

I’m playing in The Apers and Sweatpants Party and I run a label called Monster Zero Records, and I would not have been doing all these things without this album. Today I doubt that I would get along with Ben Weasel, but that doesn’t stop this album from being a pure classic.

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