10 Records Worth To Die For: #203 mit Donald Spence (Versus The World)


Donald Spence ist Sänger der Band Versus The World. Die Band spielt flotten Melodycore. Beim Lesen der zehn Lieblingsplatten von Donald wundert einen das nicht!

1Weezer “Pinkerton”

I bought this record the day it came out along with this poster.I love every second of this.I probably put this on once a week.Never gets old.

2The Smoking Popes “Destination Failure”

I first heard of this band on my first Versus the World tour with No Use For A Name.Tony Sly and our bass player Mike D loved this band soooo much.We had a show in Detroit the same night the Popes were playing with Bayside so we got done with our show as fast as we could to get to the Popes show before we missed them.Tony and Mike were singing every word… arms around each others necks.Tony had told me that this was going to change my life.It really did.Josh has one of my favorite voices of all time.He never hits a sour note.

3Alkaline Trio “From Here To Infirmary”

This is one of those records that is good front to back!The drummer at the time was also in The Smoking Popes but that had nothing to do with why I loved it.This is a “time and place”record for me and i think that it is pure genius.

4The Refreshments “Fizzy fuzzy Big and Buzzy”

The Refreshments are a very special band to me.I’ve bought this record 5 times.I have cited their lyrics in songs of mine as little easter eggs.I have always wanted to be in a band like this… or maybe I wanted to be in this band! but i just cant write like Roger Clyne does.I dont care.I just love this band.Their second record “The Bottle And Fresh Horses” is my favorite but it hasn’t been pressed on vinly. (I have a line about the bottle and fresh horses in a song called Mason Grace…)

5Patsy Cline “Stories”

Patsy Cline has a romantic thing for me.I always have records playing at the house… but every morning when people are just waking up slow i ALWAYS play this record when I make my family breakfast.For real… every time.It has just the right pace to wake up sloooow and low.

6Beach Boys “pet sounds”

I dont know what it is about this record that makes me so happy and so sad.When im doing laundry i will always put on 50 First Dates because its easy for me to not pay attention to.The part when Adam Sandler sings this songs always makes me cry.Every time.That is so amazing to me.The art never gets old, no matter how many times I look at it.

7Mariachi El Bronx “self titled”

I LOVE THIS BAND!This record… wow.I remember I was doing an interview at Groezrock next to Matt from El Bronx and they asked him why they played “mexican music?!”.This dude is so fucking cool.He says “ we play Los Angeles music.You drive around LA on any sunday with your windows down and this is the music you hear.”. That struck me so hard.He’s right!California and Mexico are so intertwined that it makes this music soooo special.

8Lagwagon- “let’s talk about feelings”

This is kinda weird because Chris Flippin is in our band.Joey Cape is one of my very best friends in this world.So it seems like I should feel weird about being such a fan of this record.None of that matters.This may be the most perfect punk record ever recorded.I know every nuance of this record.Every drum fill, guitar riff, lyric.It is perfect.I dont think there is a “chorus” on any of the songs.Doesn’t matter.The second “After You My Friend” started I was in love.Well done boys.

9The Hold Steady “all of em”

My last record is not one record.It is every goddamned Hold Steady record ever.My favorites are Heaven is Whenever, Thrashing Through The Passion, & Boys & Girls.Craig Finn has the best lyrics in the game.The blending of religious upbringing, drug abuse, and perfect story telling makes this band my all time.Meet in Brooklyn.Speak in lyrics.


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