7 SECONDS Tour-Doku „I Still Believe In These Words“ von 1986 verfügbar

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Die jahrelang verschollene Tour-Doku I Still Believe In These Words von 7 Seconds aus dem Jahr 1986 ist wieder online verfügbar. Ihr findet die zweistündige Film-Dokumentation zu Beginn des Beitrags.

Kevin Seconds zu I Still Believe In These Words:

I’m not sure who it is that put this on YouTube or how long it will stay up but if you’ve never seen the 1986 7Seconds tour documentary, ‚I Still Believe In These Words‘, and if you have a couple of hours to spare, here’s your chance. An old friend – Galen Young – traveled with and filmed us on our 1985 N. American tour and released this independently. It’s pretty rough in parts, quality-wise, but it really gives you a nice, intimate look into how it was for an underground hardcore punk rock band to tour in the 1980’s.

7 Seconds hatten im Frühjahr 2018 aus gesundheitlichen Gründen nach knapp 40 Jahren ihre Auflösung bekanntgegeben.

7 Seconds

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