Anti-Flag präsentieren uns mit The Disease eine weitere Vorab-Single aus ihrem neuen Album 20/20 Vision. Bassist und Sänger Chris#2 zum neuen Song:

„‚The Disease‘ is an interesting song for us lyrically. We’re actively trying to use verbiage and the language of the powerful to describe our commonality. Our usual approach would have us calling out social inequity in our own terms, but for this song we chose to take ownership of their words. In a moment of the largest wealth divide in history, these people do see the poor as a disease, a plague on their society. The neoliberalism and globalization that has led us here is causing people to see their neighbors, immigrants, refugees as their enemies and has propped up false populists to power. Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, the AFD, these people are not anti-establishment, they’re millionaires and billionaires who have so little in common with real people. As we face another chapter in the endless war, politicians send the poor, young men and women to fight, kill, and die as cannon fodder for their war based economies. This song is a call to have soldiers all over the globe, lay down their weapons. Refuse to fight in unjust wars for corporate greed. To see that at this moment we have far more in common with the people of Iran than we do the perpetrators of the propaganda that they are our enemies. ‚We are the roll call, of the pursuit.'“

20/20 Vision wird dann am 17. Januar 2020 über Spinefarm Records erscheinen. Bereits zuvor veröffentlichten die Polit-Punks aus dem Nachfolger von American Fall (2017) die beiden Songs Hate Conquers All und  Christian Nationalist.

Für das Quartett geht es dann Anfang 2020 mit neuem Album im Gepäck auf große Europa-Tour, bei der Anti-Flag bei den einzelnen Shows unter anderem von ZSK und The Creepshow begleitet werden.


Hier die Termine, das neue Video und das Cover-Artwork inklusive Tracklist zum neuen Album:


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01/10 Vitoria, ES @ Kubik +
01/11 Zaragoza, ES @ Sala López +
01/12 Barcelona, ES @ Estraperlo +
01/14 Milano, IT @ HT Factory +
01/16 Zurich, CH @ Dynamo #
01/17 Graz, AT @ PPC #
01/18 Vienna, AT @ Flex #
01/19 Prague, CZ @ Roxy #
01/21 Berlin, DE @ SO36 $
01/22 Munich, DE @ Backstage Werk $
01/23 Nuremberg, DE @ Löwensaal $
01/24 Chemnitz, DE @ Talschock $
01/26 Warsaw, PL @ Proxima $
01/28 Hamburg, DE @ Fabrik $
01/29 Köln, DE @ Essigfabrik $
01/30 Haarlem, NL @ Patronaat $
02/01 Bucharest, RO @ Quantic Club
02/02 Brighton, UK @ Chalk !
02/04 London, UK @ O2 Academy Islington !
02/05 Manchester, UK @ Club Academy !
02/06 Birmingham, UK @ The Mill !
02/07 Glasgow, UK @ The Garage !
02/08 Leeds, UK @ The Key Club !
02/09 Cardiff, UK @ The Globe !

+ w/ Dream Nails and The Homeless Gospel Choir
# w/ ZSK and The Homeless Gospel Choir
$ w/ The Creepshow and The Homeless Gospel Choir
! w/ The Creepshow and Maid of Ace

Unser Interview mit Anti-Flag, das wir auf dem Mission Ready 2018 führen konnten, findet ihr hier.

ANTI-FLAG – 20/20 VISION (2020)

Anti-Flag - 20/20 Vision (2020)
Anti-Flag – 20/20 Vision (2020)
  1. Hate Conquers All
  2. It Went Off Like A Bomb
  3. 20/20 Vision
  4. Christian Nationalist
  5. Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down
  6. Unbreakable
  7. The Disease
  8. A Nation Sleeps
  9. You Make Me Sick
  10. Un-American
  11. Resistance Frequencies
- Werbung -
– Playlist: Happy Release Day

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