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xRepentancex aus Großbritanien gab auf Facebook ihre Auflösung bekannt. Bevor sich die Vegan Straight Edge Band endgültig auflösen wird, gibt es noch ein paar letzte Shows. Die Dates findet ihr im Statement der Band:

It has been the plan for a while now, but xRepentancex will be calling it a day. It has always been difficult for us to get together to play, given everyone’s busy schedules and the fact we live in different cities. But as our personal lives have gotten increasingly busy, we would rather end the band while we can still put in 100%, as opposed to slowly decaying and putting out music that wasn’t to the best standard we could produce. We are extremely grateful for the things we have been able to do as a band.

We will still be playing the shows we have booked:

12th March – Southampton
16th April – Belgium w/ Foundation
17th April – London w/ Foundation
30th April – Leeds (Outbreak Fest)
14th May – Nantes, France

Our last ever show will be 21st May – details to follow. We will not be booking anything else. CTW Records will be releasing a double LP of all our recorded material, including a live set that hasn’t been put out yet. Information soon.

Thanks to everyone that has supported us in any way. The scene in the UK is better than ever, and we are glad we were a small part of it.

Vegan Straight Edge.

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