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Harrington Saints melden sich mit einem neuen Musikvideo zur Single 1000 lbs. of Oi! zurück. Der Song stammt vom gleichnamigen Album, das am 10. Mai 2019 via Contra Records erscheinen wird. Der Nachfolger von Fish & Chips (2015) wird insgesamt zehn Songs beinhalten.

Sänger Darrel Wojick bei unseren Kollegen von Dying Scene zum neuen Video:

“The song has to do with the early days when we first started playing shows, and then bigger shows. Many of the comments we like “they’re like as big as poison idea” or “Poison Idea plays Oi!” Also, we used to joke how the drummer could never see the crowd cause he said there was a wall of fuckers in front of him! That became thousand lbs. of motherfucker, then turned into thousand pounds of Oi!. We wanted to do a video with Forry’s 64 impala SS before he sold it. Thought it’d be fun driving it blasting the song with a Go-Pro. Luckily we all fit in it.“

Bleibt zu hoffen, dass die US-Streetpunk-Combo mit Release des neuen Albums auch wieder den Weg nach Europa finden.


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Harrington Saints - 1000 Pounds of Oi!
Harrington Saints – 1000 Pounds of Oi!

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