HC History mit Tom Arnott von Great Collapse – Wie alles begann #23


Die erste Show, die erste Platte und seine größten Einflüsse! Wir sprachen mit Great Collapse Gitarrist Tom Arnott über seine Hardcore-Punk Roots und wie er zur Musik und Szene gekommen ist.

1How did you get in touch with hardcore (music)?

TOM: I had a cousin who was into punk music when I was young, so there was some exposure, he was always the one at the holiday dinner with blue hair and his arm in a cast from a skateboarding injury. Punk/hardcore music and myself were destined to merge and it was a gravitational pull the instant I started learning particularly about the Bay Area, California music history and combining my interest I already had in skateboarding and debauchery with the music. From there I discovered more indelible influences such as East Coast bands Sick of It All, Cro Mags, Agnostic Front and once I firgured out how to play power chords, I knew the kind of music I wanted to play.

2Who influenced/inspired you most? (specific person, band, artist, …)

TOM: The California punk scene influenced me initially becoming immersed in the historical culture that shaped so much of how I think about music and life. Clubs such as 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley, the 418 project in Santa Cruz also known as Club Culture were breeding grounds for kids like myself who needed a place to play music and express some rage. At a young age I became vegatarian, then vegan from there through new ideas I discovered from people I was meeting. Music and lifestyle has always gone hand in hand. There were a plethora of punk and hardcore bands in the 90’s and 00’s in the Oakland/San Francisco/ Santa Cruz area such as Fury 66, Afi, Good Riddance, Screw 32, Nerve Agents, Rancid, and so forth that made an impact on the kind of bands kids were starting and the way shows were ran. Many of these guys became my friends, not only that but purchased music equipment for me so I could play in a band, taught me how to record in a studio, etc. Joe our bass player came from the same world too which is where we met years ago.

3Tell us about your first/best show you’ve ever played!

TOM: The first show was not the best show. Mine was at a club called the 418 project in Santa Cruz, Ca sometime around 1999 or 2000 with a band I forget the name of I was in, that’s how you know it was really good. I had a Gibson SG guitar in a soft case that someone loaded between two guitar cabs in a small car, so when I pulled my guitar out to get ready to rock, the neck was snapped right in half. In terms of best show Great Collapse version; we had some great shows in Europe a couple years ago playing arenas with Refused and Rise Against, then large club shows with Boysetsfire. All great road partners and people.

4Tell us about your first/favourite hardcore record!

TOM: Some favorite records that I hold from the beginning, or have developed deep appreciation for over time are: Cro Mags- ‘Age of Quarrel’, Descendents- ‘Somery’, Broken Bones- ‘F.O.A.D.’, Dag Nasty- ‘Can I Say’, Adolescents- self titled, Bad Religion- ‘No Control’. Out of these, the first hardcore punk record I had a deep connection with was Cro Mags Age of Quarrel.. It spoke to me lyrically and musically where it became a philosophy at some point. There’s also a lot of positivity in John Joseph’s messages, it’s ironic that music so angry can hold a inspiring message. I think those are some of the records I gravitate towards, we’re all kind of pissed and disenfranchised which is how hardcore punk finds us, it’s cool when you can turn that around and form some values and important meaning to your life. Give me an angry singer guy screaming about politics and put fast drums and distorted guitars behind it, I probably will buy the record.

5Which bands and songs cannot be missed in your personal hardcore playlist?

Cro Mags “Hard Times”, Broken Bones “FOAD”, Bad Brains “Right Brigade”, Germs “Richie Dagger’s Crime”, Dag Nasty- “One or Two”, Sick of It All “Scratch the Surface”.

Great Collapse veröffentlicht am Freitag, den 26. Januar 2018, ihr neues Album Neither Washington Nor Moscow… Again über End Hits Records. Pünktlich zum Release ist die Band dann auch hier bei uns auf Tour anzutreffen, bei der unter anderem Shows mit Boysetsfire, Dave Hause, Rogers und Shoreline auf dem Programm stehen. Die Dates findet ihr am Ende des Beitrags.


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26.01.2018 DE Wermelskirchen – Ajz Bahndamm Wermelskirchen*
27.01.2018 DE Braunschweig – B58 – Braunschweigs behänder Live-Club!*
28.01.2018 DE Zwiesel – Jugendcafe Zwiesel*
29.01.2018 DE Leipzig – Conne Island*
31.01.2018 DE Berlin – Badehaus Berlin*
01.01.2018 DE Hamburg – Knust Hamburg#
02.02.2018 DE Cologne – Palladium Köln (Family First Festival)+
03.02.2018 DE Neunkirchen – Stummsche Reithalle*
04.02.2018 BE Mechelen – De Club
05.02.2018 UK London – New Cross Inn
06.02.2018 UK Bristol – Exchange
07.02.2018 UK Brighton – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
08.02.2018 FR Paris – La Mécanique Ondulatoire
09.02.2018 DE Lindau – Club Vaudeville
10.02.2018 AT Linz – Kultur Gasthaus Auerhahn Linz
11.02.2018 SI Ljubljana – Gala Hala
12.02.2018 AT Wiener Neustadt – Jugend- und Kulturhaus TRIEBWERK
13.02.2018 CZ Prague – Eternia Smichov
14.02.2018 DE Koblenz – Circus Maximus
15.02.2018 DE Hannover – MusikZentrum Hannover%
16.02.2018 DE Hamburg – Logo Hamburg%
17.02.2018 DE Essen – Zeche Carl%
* w/ Shoreline
# w/ Dave Hause
+ w/ Boysetsfire
% w/ Rogers

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