Mit Pavement Strong präsentieren Ironed Out den ersten Song ihres neuen Albums We Move As One, welches am 16. Oktober 2020 auf GSR Music veröffentlicht wird. Für die Plattensammler unter Euch, es wird auf transparenten Vinyl erscheinen!

Die Band gründete sich 2014 und brachte im Jahr darauf ihre erste EP Us and Them heraus, auf die In these Ends folgte. Einige der Bandmitglieder spielten zuvor bereits in anderen Hardcore Bands – Wema ist vielen sicherlich als Gitarrist von den legendären Knuckledust bekannt.

Interview mit Steve (Gitarre) zur Band, dem Videodreh und dem neuen Album

AFL: Hey Steve, thanks to take time to answer some questions! I saw Ironed Out the first time last year at the Rebelliontour. It was great and I´m curious about the new album. Before we talk about it, please describe what kind of music your band play.


Steve: It’s without question London hardcore because that’s all we´ll ever be and we are proud to be that. With us there’s sometimes a little melody, sometimes a little Rock and always grime, both in terms of the genre of music influencing ours (especially Dave´s vocals), and grime in our general sound. We´re never content to do the same things over and over again and enjoy creating different vibes within our releases and we like to do things we haven’t yet done. Our songs are stories about real life in our city and country – the injustices, frustrations and the anger, but also the strength we’ve found in each other and ourselves because of those things.

AFL: You say that the songs are stories about your life. What is the story behind Pavement Strong?

Steve: Pavement Strong tells the truth about growing up and surviving as a working class person. If you’re not one of the fortunate ones born into money then you have a battle from day one ; it’s hard and you never seem to get a break. You only really have yourself and your family to rely on, not anything or anyone else, and this song is about that family and the strength we give each other.

AFL: How was the video shoot? 

Steve: The video shoot was done in one day. We started at Woolwich fool tunnel in east London, which people use to walk under the Thames. It looks pretty empty in the shots but the people were walking through the whole time and I have to say I felt like a complete dickhead jumping around with my guitar while families and cyclists walked around me. We were pretty surprised that we didn’t get thrown out, especially with the drums, but we got the shots we wanted and I think it turned out great. It was so good to see so many of our friends (and each other) after such a long period of lockdown for the other shots too. Huge respect to Chris at Long Chalk Media for making everything so easy and giving us such a great result!

Ironed Out (Photo by Claudia Kötters)
Ironed Out (Photo by Claudia Kötters)

The new Album We Move As One

AFL: That sounds like a very special and funny video shoot! I like the result! What can we expect from the new Album?

Steve: You can expect us to go harder than before in places and to put a smile on your face in others. Expect something to dance to, something to shout along to and every now and then a little something to sing in the shower with. Many different vibes and hopefully always something to keep you interested.

The new Album We Move As One will be out on 16th October through GSR and is the first full length from us. It’s gonna be available to stream at all the usual places, but also on CD and an awesome looking transparent vinyl!

AFL: Thanks again for your time! I´m looking forward for your new album and hope to see you 2021 back on stage!

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– Playlist: Happy Release Day

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