Liberty & Justice wird am 17. Februar 2021 ihr neues Album Pressure über Contra Records (Europa) und Death Exclamations (US) veröffentlichen. Mit Mad World gibt es aus der Platte auch eine erste Hörprobe inklusive Musikvideo, das ihr hier im Beitrag findet.

Die Streetpunk-Combo aus Houston, Texas legte zuvor das Album For All (2019) und die beiden EPs Just Us (2019) und My America, das erst im Oktober erschienen ist, vor.

Liberty & Justice ist Ende 2015 zunächst als Nebenprojekt von Street Dogs- (Johnny Rioux), Roger Miret & The Disasters- (Rhys Williams) und Thug Boots-Mitgliedern (Ryan Taylor) gegründet worden. Liberty & Justice selbst zum kommenden Album und den Ideen zur Band:


“While taking traditional cues from the likes of The Templars and 4 Skins, Liberty & Justice  aren’t content to make by-the-numbers Oi. Instead giving nods to the channeled HC ferocity of Sheer Terror, the sing-along sincerity of The Trouble, the hard-scrabble outsider rock sensibilities of The Bruisers, and fight-ready mentality of Houston originalists Tread. Blending it all seamlessly into something authentically their own, , Liberty & Justice  unapologetically force their own voice through to the fore and out on to the streets. Not content to sit on their hands during 2020’s loss of stage time and road miles, Liberty & Justice  committed their efforts to the studio.

Distilling the frustrations and rage of the year’s climate into a counter attack of two EPs and putting the finishing touches on the new Pressure full-length. Scheduled for release spring of 2021, Pressure  is a collaborative release effort between European stalwarts Contra Records and the recently resurrected Death Exclamations in the U.S. Oi ain’t dead! Street Rock ain’t dead! And , Liberty & Justice are delivering that message from TX with a boot!”


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