Die Pop-Punks von Neck Deep werden mit The Peace And The Panic den Nachfolger ihres 2015 erschienenden Albums Life’s Not Out To Get You veröffentlichen. Das neue Album wird am 18. August auf Hopeless Records erscheinen.

Neben der Tracklist und dem Artwork haben Neck Deep mit Happy Judgement Day und Where Do We Go When We Go auch schon die ersten beiden Hörproben aus The Peace And The Panic veröffentlicht. Zu den beiden Songs hat Neck Deep jeweils ein Musikvideo abgedreht, die ihr hier im Beitrag ansehen könnt.

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Frontmann Ben Barlow zum neuen Album:

The Peace And The Panic is about how we’ve grown up and experienced life in the last couple of years. When we were writing Life’s Not Out To Get You, we were going through a period of uninterrupted happiness. We were super-content, but as that album came out, life changed for us. Over the two years we’ve toured that record, so much has happened that I’ve re-evaluated what life is about and questioned whether just having a positive outlook is enough. Where Do We Go When We Go” is the last track on the record, and we feel it summarizes our mood well. Very directly, the message is: “Fuck all this shit, fuck all the noise, let’s just make something of ourselves before our time is up.” “Happy Judgement Day” is on the panic side, and really, that song is a comment on the current social and political climate. That feels like an important topic, and it’s a panic for a lot of people right now—where’s the world going? It should also be said that the reason we put that song out first is because—in typical Neck Deep fashion—there’s a big, fat riff at the start of it.


01. Motion Sickness
02. Happy Judgement Day
03. In Bloom
04. 19 Seventy Sumthin’
05. Parachute
06. Don’t Wait (ft. Sam Carter)
07. Heavy Lies
08. Critical Mistake
09. The Grand Delusion
10. Wish You Were Here
11. Where Do We Go When We Go

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