Portrayal of Guilt (Photo by Addrian Jafaritabar)
Portrayal of Guilt (Photo by Addrian Jafaritabar)

Portrayal Of Guilt haben für den 29. Januar 2021 ihr zweites Studioalbum angekündigt. Dieses wird den Titel We Are Always Alone tragen und über ihrem neuen Label Closed Casket Activities erscheinen.

Mit It’s Already Over und Masochistic Oath präsentiert uns die Hardcore-Screamo-Band aus Texas bereits zwei erste Hörproben, die beide in ein Musikvideo abgedreht wurden, das ihr hier im Beitrag findet. Sänger und Gitarrist Matt King zum neuen Album:

Living a life filled with constant mental agony, while experiencing the reality we’re all currently living in can seem unrealistic at times. There’s no reason to even attempt to sugarcoat it, because without this acceptance, I feel it would be much harder to get through. The light at the end of the tunnel may seem too far away to be real, but it surely exists. I find myself having to get through these tragic times alone and I feel as though many can relate, as some aren’t as fortunate as others when it comes to being surrounded by friends or family during hard times such as these. This is reality, as aimless as it may seem.

Portrayal Of Guilt sind seit 2017 aktiv und veröffentlichten ein Jahr später ihr Debütalbum Let Pain Be Your Guide über Holy Roard Records.


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Potrayal Of Guilt – We Are Always Alone

  1. The Second Coming
  2. Anesthetized
  3. A Tempting Pain
  4. It’s Already Over
  5. Masochistic Oath
  6. They Want Us All To Suffer
  7. Garden of Despair
  8. My Immolation
  9. We Are Always Alone


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