Regional Justice Center

Regional Justice Center präsentieren uns einen neuen Song namens KKK Tattoo, der von Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues, etc.) produziert wurde und als 7″-Vinyl über Closed Casket Activities erhältlich ist. Alle Erlöse der Single gehen an Black Lives Matter.

Regional Justice Center Mastermind Ian Shelton zum Song:

„When I was 12 years old I met my biological father for the first time. I was quick to realize he had a tattoo of a Klansman on his inner bicep. It was cartoony; a stubby little man in ill-fitting robes stumbling with nooses, scythes, and other tools of death. Over the years he was in my life, the closest thing I ever got to an answer about it was that he got it ‚to scare Mexicans‘. I haven’t spoken with him in almost 10 years but I’ve constantly gotten stuck on how easily I could have turned out the same as him. For those of us who are white, dismantling white supremacy isn’t only an external glance; you have to acknowledge first and foremost [that] it could be you.“

Die Powerviolence/Hardcore-Band von der Westküste legte erst kürzlich zwei neue Songs unter dem Name Regional Jurtice Center vor, bei denen Trapped Under Ice-Sänger Justice Tripp als Sänger fungierte. Über Closed Casked Activies soll noch in diesem Jahr ein neuer Output der Band erscheinen.

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Regional Justice Center - KKK Tattoo
Regional Justice Center – KKK Tattoo
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