SPIRIT CRUSHER streamen neue EP „The Absolute“


Die deutsche Hardcore Band Spirit Crusher hat ihre Debüt-EP The Absolute auf dem britischen Label The Essence veröffentlicht.

Die EP enthält drei Songs, welche nun auch auf Bandcamp gestreamt und digital heruntergeladen werden können. Ihr findet den Stream zu The Absolute am Ende des Beitrags.

Spirit Crusher veröffenltichten 2015 ihr Demo. Unser Review dazu findet ihr hier.


Today our single „The Absolute“ comes out. It’s been a slow but steady process, so we’re very thankful to everyone involved in making this project happen. Adam at The Essence for getting behind it, Benny at Druckwelle for the great artwork, Michelle Olaya Ortega and Simon Veithklub Fotografie, who hooked us up with live photos and are documenting what’s happening in our scene. You can now stream the record on the Spirit Crusher and The Essence bandcamp. Last copies of blue vinyl are available at The Essence, we’ll have red vinyl in the next couple of days. Major thanks to all you kids out there who have been so stoked, so supportive and yet so patient with us. Always keep the faith. See you soon, SXC.


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