Hardcore from Down Under goes hard! 10-54 Records hat mit Vicious Judgement die nächste vielversprechende Hardcore Band unter Vertrag genommen. Diese wird im November ihre selbstbetitelte Debüt-EP mit fünf Hardcore Brettern veröffentlichen. Wir hatten Sänger Andy im Interview, um mehr von den Jungs zu erfahren.

Interview mit Andy von VICIOUS JUDGEMENT

AFL: Hey, how are you? Can you short introduce yourself for everybody who don’t VICIOUS JUDGEMENT you so far? Since when you play together, have you played before or additionally in other bands and so on!

Andy: My names Andy, I’m the vocalist of VICIOUS JUDGEMENT. We are a 4-piece hardcore band from Adelaide south Australia. We started the band around may of 2016 after our last band called it a day.  The last band was to kill or capture and included VICIOUS JUDGEMENT members myself, josh (drums) and Sam (guitar)


AFL: Is there any deeper meaning behind your band name VICIOUS JUDGEMENT?

vicious-judgement-hardcoreVICIOUS JUDGEMENT was not only a name we thought sounded cool had a good meaning behind it. Being judged for being fat, depressed, a smoker, a drinker? Everyone in this band has has some form of VICIOUS JUDGEMENT put down onto them.

AFL: You will release in winter this year your self-titled debut EP on 10-54 Records. What can the listeners expect? Which bands and music do you count to your influences and how would you describe your music?

Listeners can expect just some nice straight up, in your face hardcore with some groove and of course some deep meaning.  We all drew influences from different places but a big one of us was bands like Terror, Knuckledust and Crowned Kings. But as I said, the music is heavy, aggressive, thought provoking and at times deep.

Vicious Judgement – S/T ::: Review (2016)

AFL: Can you short introduce the five songs of your EP? Which themes you’re threat there? Where do you get your inspiration of your music?

  1. Caged– this song is the first song we out together. It’s about feeling isolated and trapped in an undesirable situation.
  2. Street rat – simple. When a „friend“ becomes and enemy. They become nothing more than a inconvenience, a pest…a rat!
  3. Time – this song personally for me is a deep one. This is about my struggles with depression, suicidal thoughts and self-harm. The lyrics will give you a good idea of how much I tried to keep it from my family. But in the end could only thank them for being there.
  4. Greed – politics, money, you know the drill. People starve while fuckers get Rich. It’s not right.
  5. Stay tough – this is about coming out on the other side of depression and being there to help your friends who may suffer also. We hope anyone with this condition likes us and connects with our music.

AFL: Can you give us an insight in the hardcore-punk scene in Australia? And Do remember how do you get into hardcore / punk?

Adelaide is interesting. There’s more people in bands but a huge lack of fans of bands haha! I love Melbourne though. Always a good time heading there for some nice homebred hardcore.

AFL: What plans do you have in the next times? Plans to come over to Europe?

Europe would be absolutely amazing. For now though we are going to hustle our way around Australia and build a solid following.

AFL: What five records are your favorite ones at the moment?

  1. Deez Nuts – words is bond
  2. Coves – dying light
  3. Knuckledust – songs of sacrifice
  4. Crowned Kings – forked road
  5. Sworn Enemy – maniacal

AFL: Thanks for the interview! Have you something to add or any last words?

Just grab a copy, enjoy it. Share it. And be happy! No matter what life throws your way.


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