Passend zur Veröffentlichung des Turbonegro Tribute-Albums Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed (Review hier), stellt uns Harald Fossberg seine zehn Lieblingsplatten vor. Harald war von 1990 bis 1993 Sänger bei Turbonegro und damit bereits der zweite Frontmann der norwegischen Kultband. Er stellte der Band dann einen möglichen Nachfolger vor: den Sänger der Band Inri, auch bekannt als Hank Von Helvete. Unter anderem hat Harald Fossberg seither das Buch Nyanser av svart verfasst, welches die Geschichte des norwegischen Black Metal erzählt. Inzwischen singt er bei Turbonecro, einer Band aus ehemaligen Turbonegro Mitgliedern die Lieder der ersten drei Turbo-Alben spielen.

Nun hat Harry uns seine zehn Lieblingsalben vorgestellt. Eine spannende Liste wie ich finde!

1od – My Pal (7”)

OMFG, what a killer song from Down Under. This one takes the best of The Saints, The Hard-Ons and Cosmic Psychos and packs it into a three-and-a-half-minute monster. With it’s gigantic guitar riff flaming all the way through, this is a true underground hit. They wrote it when they were 17…

2Zeni Geva – Desire for Agony

These mono-mental Japanese guys make the most monumental music armed with just two guitars and a drum kit. Brutal riffage, guttural vocals and sonic aggression beyond words. Recorded by Steve Albini. Un-joy!

3Besökarna – Anna Greta Leijons Ögon (7”)

Swedish punk… ahh… where to begin… I could’ve said ”Vårdad klädsel” by Kriminella Gitarrer, most of the early Ebba Grön or the simply amazing ”Silver Son Johnnie” by Four Mandarines, but in the end it has to be this one. A nice wee song about the planning of the kidnapping of a Swedish politician seen through the eyes of a Rote Armee Fraktion-plotmaker. Sung by the amazing Stry Terrarie.

4The Stooges – Fun House

I grew up with Raw Power, but this album and ”Kill City” are both testaments of how insanely good Iggy and the boys were at that time. Pure, unfiltered rock n’ roll, with ”Down on the street”, ”Dirt” and ”Loose” as firm favorites. An atomic bomb for your ears.

5Outcasts – Justa Nother Teenage Rebel

If I say Northern Irland and punk, you think Undertones or Stiff Little Fingers – right? But listen up! This youthful bunch of … well, ok, outcasts, take teenage angst to the next level. And it’s damn catchy, too. Check also out ”I-spy” EP by Rudy and ”Don’t ring me up” by Protex.

6Kleenex – Heidi’s Head

Four Swiss ladies making an unholy, wonderful racket. THIS is what punk is all about – being unashamedly joyful and not caring what the others may think.

7The BetoDamned – Damned Damned Damned

Damned weren’t trendy enough for the tastemakers, but they had the killer riffs in 1977. From the opener ”Neat Neat Neat” to the last song – aptly enough a cover of The Stooges’ «1970» from Funhouse, this has the energy to power a small village.

8Betong Hysteria – Spontan Abort (EP)

Norwegian punk was a mixed bag, but this diamond is one of the best EP’s from the early 80’s. Angry as fcuk, riffs from another realm and tons of guts.

9Blue Öyster Cult – Transmanaicon MC

Another hidden gem from the very first album by BOC. This one won the contest between Velvet Underground/Lou Reed/John Cale, New York Dolls and Suicide, but sometimes you need to let the gut instinct take over. I bought this in a second hand record store for almost nothing back in the 70’s, and it’s stayed with me ever since.

10Magma – Mekanik Destruktiw Komandoh

This is another second hand gem from way back then. Magma is cast as a progressive jazz outfit, but they are also one of the weirdest bunch of miscreants in music. This album, sung in a made-up language that sounds like a drunk Hungarian, is a trip to the (nether)lands of your mind. Relentless, spooky and otherworldly in every sense.


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