The Casualties haben am vergangenen Freitag, den 26. Oktober 2018, ihr neues Album Written In Blood veröffentlicht. Das erste Album mit neuem Sänger David Rodriguez und somit gleichzeitig auch das allererste The Casualties Release überhaupt ohne Gründungsmitglieder Jorge Herrera.

Gitarrist Jake Kolatis ist zwar kein Gründungsmitglied, aber auch bereits seit dem ersten The Casualties Album For The Punx (1997) an der Klampfe und aus der Band nicht mehr wegzudenken.

Neben mit The Casualties die Welt zur Tourneen, ist Jake hobbymäßig auch immer wieder als DJ tätig. Welche Platten hier auf keinen Fall zu kurz kommen dürfen, erfahrt ihr in unserer 81. Ausgabe von 10 Records Worth To Die For.

Jake Kolatis auf dem Endless Summer 2016 (Photo by Michelle Olaya)

Alle 10 Records Worth To Die For-Ausgaben findet ihr hier.

10 Records Worth To Die For mit Jake Casualty

Out of 2000+ punk & metal records in my collection spanning almost 30 years, I have to tell you about 10 total bangers!? Some obscure, some not so obscure. Having these original pressings from collecting since I got into punk is something very special to me and very inspirational in music I have written. As a kid I remember when LPs were being phased out to make way for the new cd format in record stores. I was like “cool, Circle Jerks and Sex Pistols on vinyl for six bucks!” – It was all over from there.

1Exploited – Death Before Dishonor

When Scaling the Dery Walls comes on you want to go through the walls instead of scale them… At least that’s what me and my friends did when we played this record for the first time!

2Last Rites – This Is The Reaction

“The downfall of dictators is a sign”- Holy fucking shit this streetpunk classic rips! Every fucking song! Something was in the water up in Scotland in the early 80s!!!!

3OMIXLH – Legion Of Freaks

Greek clockwork Punx kick ass on this LP! These guys are still active and involved in the Athens punk rock scene!

4R.I.P. – No Te Mueuag

Nonstop buzzing guitars and an unforgettable Spanish vocalist sound captures the passion of RIP here. Excellent.

5Cyanide – s/t

I often wondered why it seemed like most 77 punk enthusiasts slept late on this one. This record blows away a lot of bands from that era. Great catchy songs here.

6Stosstrupp – Wie Lang Noch…

This is probably the rawest most coolest old school German punk band ever! The record sounds as cool as the cover looks! Tough!

The Casualties – Written In Blood ::: Review (2018)

7Newtown Neurotics – Living With Unemployment

You would never imagine you could feel so good singing against the state. The anthem can really stir something inside you.

8Cólera – Tente Mudar o Amanhā

Brazil pumps out so many cool bands and Cólera did an excellent job setting the standard for underground punk.

9Ramones – It’s Alive (2x LP)

No time for talking between songs, they didn’t have time to. 1234! And the classics are faster on this one. Anyone can record music but can you bring it live?! I think it’s their best record to be honest.

10Die OiGenz – Neues Jahrhundert Altes Problem

Some of the best Oi! Punk ever to exist. The boots are heavy and the record is too! Amazing stuff. Catch the blue vinyl if you can. I believe it has recently been reissued.

Das neue The Casualties Album Written In Blood ist am 26. Oktober 2018 über Cleopatra Records erschienen.


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