Sworn Enemy meldeten sich im April eindrucksvoll mit ihrem neuen Album Gamechanger zurück. Wir nahmen das Release zum Anlass Frontmann Sal Locaoso seine zehn Lieblingsalben vorstellen zu lassen.

Weitere 10 Records Worth To Die For »

1Biohazard – S/T

From front to back not a bad song on the record and truly changed the game to what it is today!

2Cro-Mags – Age of Quarrel

The greatest hardcore record ever written. If there was a bible for hardcore this would be the old testament.

3Madball – Hold It Down

In my opinion it is their greatest record lyrically and musically, it can do no wrong.

4Merauder – Master Killer

They brought the breakdowns and metal side of hardcore like no other could. Bands still trying to emulate this sound today.

5Biohazard – Urban Discipline

They took their sound to a new level with this record. Major label production and tours made them the cream of the crop.

6Killing Time – Brightside

Got all the right flavor rolled into this record. Not a bad song on this!

7Cro-Mags – Best Wishes

Even if you don’t agree with Harley Flanagan and don’t like him you gotta admit this record is awesome.

8Hatebreed – Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire

This album turned the tide for the new wave of hardcore bands stepping up during the late 90’s.

9Leeway – Born To Expire

Feels like a freight train running over your head when you listen to this album. Simply amazing!

10Slayer – Reign in blood

Theres not much that needs to be said about this record it’s probably the greatest record ever written.

Weitere 10 Records Worth To Die For »

Gamechanger ist am 5. April über M-Theory Audio erschienen.


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