10 Records Worth To Die For: #91 mit Thibaud Carter (Walnut Grove DC)


Walnut Grove DC ist eine der spannendsten Bands die ich seit langem gehört habe. Ihre Mixtur aus Stoner, Metal und Punk erinnert mich schwer an Rock-Größen wie Mastodon und Kyuss. Im März kommt die Band erstmalig auf Tour nach Deutschland (Tourdaten anhängend). Kuckt euch die Kapelle an, es lohnt sich!

Bassist Thibaud hat sich die Zeit genommen uns seine zehn Lieblingsalben vorzustellen

1NO MEANS NO – Wrong

The sound of the band (bassist in particular), the angry style, their originality, their energy. On stage, it’s the beating! Sacred group, a rare group that influenced me a lot.

2HELMET – Meantime

It was for me, just like No Means No a musical revelation, a certainty, an evidence, a confirmation, a momentum to make music as long as possible!

3DOG EAT DOG – All Boro King

Super fun group with effective riffs, a festive side and an excellent outlet.

4SNAPCASE – Lookinglasself

Excellent band in this album sound so special. They pull the rhythm at their convenience, what they want but with so much feeling and personality.

5DAVID BOWIE – Hunky Dory

What voice, what charisma and personality. A folk guitar and a voice for exceptional pieces.

6SICK OF IT ALL – Scratch The Surface

One of the best bands to see on stage in my opinion. Energy, its amazing and fun. Nice guys on stage. Excellent group

7GAINSBOURG – Melody Nelson

Serge Gainsbourg, musician, author, composer of great quality, ahead of his time. The sound, lyrics and melodies of this album are rare and beautiful.


A friend had lent me the album Far Beyond Driven, a real revelation that surpasses most bands still today!

9TOOL – Aenima

That kind of group that, when you discover it, comes to you like a OVNI in the head. We are not far from perfetcion, see beyond!?


A must-see for me, both drummers and drummers, bass players sublime bass lines, great guitarists with great riffs and legendary solos. Less fan of singing, it will still add wonderfully to form a group also unavoidable.


13.03.19 B-Bree, Nefast
14.03.19 D-Rastatt, Art Canrobert
15.03.19 D-Düsseldorf, AK47
16.03.19 D-Kassel, Sandershaus


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