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Bedauernd über ihren eigenen Umgang mit Vorwürfen von sexueller Übergriffen, die 2018 gegen Sänger Andy Voorhees erhoben wurden, haben Bent Life nun ihre Auflösung bekanntgegeben. Hier das Statement der Band:

„Since the allegations of sexual assault and abuse came out a few years ago about our singer, Andy Voorhees, our aim was to show that we could publicly hold our friend accountable for his actions and ensure others that he was working to reform himself. But admittedly, we see now that we were not as transparent as we could have been and our attempt to fix things and move forward were short-sighted.

To clarify, while we truly believe that we did not put anyone at risk by continuing the band over the last two years with Andy in it, we do acknowledge that in our attempt to show the world just that, we selfishly neglected to focus on the importance of the needs of the women who were strongly affected by his transgressions in the past. Real accountability does not start until we shift that focus to them, and thankfully we still have an opportunity to set things right. We have decided to break up because despite our best intentions, it’s clear that we cannot continue this band without doing so at another’s expense.“

Sänger Andy veröffentlichte selbst ein ausführliches eigenes Statement über seinen Twitter-Account:

It’s been mad undeniably clear that the action that I / Bent Life have taken in the interest of accountability over the last 2+ years following the accusations against me have fallen short of their intended purpose. Things simply just could have been done better, and a proper apology free from excuses or dismissiveness is long overdue.

Bent Life will not be continuing as a band any further, and I’m writhing this today in attempt to put my best foot forward in taking full responsibility for the thing that I have done. For anyone who may be confused, there are no new allegations here, I’m just making an attempt to give proper acknowledgement and apology regarding the accusations against me in 2018. I’ll be addressing two individual whom I’ve spoken about before.

Regarding the first individual – in 2008 I attempted to have a sexual interaction with this person without obtaining proper consent, which I know to be sexual assault. In 2016, I breached this consent again by recording a conversation I had with her and her boyfriend regarding the 2008 incident without her knowledge. In 2018 when I released my initial statement about these allegations, I also named this individual and mentioned the recoding as a form of insurance and I now understand that I absolutely should not have done those things.  I fully acknowledge that all of these actions were wrong. Speaking directly to this person here, I am sorry for my actions, and take full accountability for them and all the ways in which they have hurt you.

Furthermore, I know this person was not just a victim of my behavior but also a victim of a larger pattern of mistreatment of individuals that was prevalent around my immediate group of friends and the house we lived at where most shows here in Nebraska were held in the years surrounding our 2008 incident. I understand that this climate was very hurtful to this person and others, and I not only take accountability for my involvement but I’m so sorry for not making efforts to acknowledge and correct my behavior then, as well as work to make her years spent there better as well.

Regarding this second individual – In 2016 I pushed this person across the face during a Bent Life set, in an unacceptable and immature attempt to amuse a few others who where present. I understand no matter which watch you cut it, that was assault and was wrong of me to do. I can’t fathom how humiliating this must have been for this person. I immediately regretted this action and felt bad for doing so, but made no immediate attempts to apologize and I make no excuse for that. I exhibited multiple lapses in judgement here. Again, speaking directly to this person, I am very sorry for the ways I’ve wronged you and take full accountability for my actions and the ways they have affected you.

In a way I feel fortunate to have to face this situation again because it has shown me the errors in my original actions and thoughts on how to mend the pain I’ve caused and subsequently walked away from. Striving to be a better person does not end here or with the end of being in the public eye via Bent Life. I undoubtedly have far more work left to do. Hold your friends accountable like my friends have done for me. -Andy


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Bent Life gründeten sich 2010 in Lincoln, Nebraska und veröffentlichten 2016 mit Never Asked For Heaven ihr erstes und einziges Studioalbum über Bridge Nine. Die Band war mehrfach auf Europa-Tour, zuletzt im Herbst 2019.


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