BIG SPIN mit neuem Video zu Song „I Can Give You Nothing“

Punk-Rock aus Mexiko.


Die aus Mexico stammende Punk-Rock-Kombo Big Spin hat ein Video zum Titel I Can Give You Nothing veröffentlicht, welcher einmal ein paar andere Seiten anschlägt.

I Can Give You Nothing is one of the simpler songs on the album but was one of the hardest for us to compose. We always wanted to make a Reggae song, but for some reason it never sounded quite right, until now. It’s obvious that it’s directly inspired by Sublime, one of our favorite bands.
The lyrics, although simple, address a way of looking at love that goes beyond material things: People think that to love someone is to give them everything we have, but it’s only when we’re willing to give what we don’t have that we can truly love. As for the video, we wanted to try something completely different. Through the Universidad de la Comunicacion, we contacted Paulina del Carmen, a talented professional contemporary dancer, to make a choreography and dance around Mexico City, to give it more of an urban feeling. We think it came out pretty nice.

Big Spin haben sich 1997 in Mexico-City gegründet und nach einem Demo-Tape im Jahr 1999 und dem darauffolgendem Debütalbum …Be Good to Yourself im letzten Jahr ihr zweites selbstbetiteltes Studioalbum veröffentlicht.

Big Spin
Big Spin
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