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In den Tourbus der Russian Girlfriends wurde eingebrochen!
Der Band ist dadurch erheblicher finanzieller Schaden entstanden, und sie mussten mehrere Shows absagen, da sie durch den Verlust einiger Pässe England nicht verlassen konnten. Um der Band finanziell unter die Arme zu greifen wurde eine GoFundMe Kampagne gestartet:

Russian Girlfriends hier unterstützen

Die fünf Jungs von Russian Girlfriends aus New Mexico, USA veröffentlichten erst in diesem Jahr ihr Debüt All Around (Gunner Records). Unser Review zu diesem findet ihr hier.

Hier das Statement der Band zur Kampagne:

„So… this happened. We had a great show in Grimsby last night but upon leaving the venue, noticed someone broke into our van and stole a few bags containing clothes, an inhaler, an iPad and two of our PASSPORTS which means we’re stuck in the U.K. until the US embassy can get us replacements (Monday morning). Unfortunately we’ll have to cancel our show tonight, tomorrow night in Namur AND our show Sunday night in Le Havre. Gunner Records is helping us out by giving us 100% of sales of our LP and CD from their web store so check it out- http://shop.gunnerrecords.com/

Aside from this and losing some of our gear at the airport, the tour has been great. We are merely down- NOT out! “

through the canceling of the shows and being stucked in the UK the band lost money that was important to pay their daily costs for van, backline etc.

please help and donate them some money …“


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