Interview mit PAUL COOK von The Professionals und Ex-Sex Pistols


Vor 40 Jahren veröffentlichten die Sex Pistols ihr Album Nevermind the Bollocks – eine Platte das die Welt veränderte. Eine Revolution wurde eingeläutet, nicht nur musikalisch. Kürzlichst veröffentlichte Paul Cook, der damals Schlagzeuger der Pistols war, mit seiner neuen Band The Professionals ein neues Album (Review hier). Wir haben ihn zu What In The World und seiner Zeit bei den Sex Pistols etwas etwas ausgefragt!

AFL: Hey Paul, you just released your album „what in the world“ with the prefessionals. It’s the first release of the band in 20 years. What have you done meanwhile and why was NOW the right time to release that album?

PAUL COOK: I’ve done lots of bits and pieces over the years. Playing with Edwin Collins. I did a band called Man Raze with Phil Collin from Def Leopard, we made a few albums. Plus loads of guest appearances here and there.


The time just felt right to give The Professionals a go again. We got together for a bit of fun at first. Steve Jones living in LA meant we got Tom Spencer in to sing and play guitar. It felt good, so we booked some shows. They went well so the idea to make an album came about.

AFL: You recorded the album with people like Mick Jones, Steve Jones, Duff McKagen and Phil Collen. How did you came to the idea to create multiple supergroup lineups for the band and which lineup is touring?

PAUL COOK: When it became obvious we wouldn’t be getting Steve Jones to join permanently – impossible with him living in LA, we asked him to guest on a few tracks. I then thought why not get out the old address book and call a few mates.

During the early stages of getting the band together we fell out with Ray McVeigh the original guitarist. We now have a permanent replacement – Chris McCormack, but at the time we thought guests could be the answer. So, now Chris is playing all the shows (his first gig was in Hamburg earlier this year).

If ever the other guests are in the same city we’re playing they’ve all said they would love to jump up and join us. Including Steve Jones but that would have to be LA. he doesn’t travel these days.

AFL: How long does it take for the next release of the PROFESSIONALS?

PAUL COOK: We waited 35 years to release the follow up to ‘I didn’t see it coming’ We’re already talking about the next album. We enjoyed making this one so much. We’ve got to tour ‘What in the world” first, then we can hit the studio again. We’ve already started writing. Me and Tom write really well together. Plus now we have Chris on board it will be great having his input. He’s a good writer. I love his stuff with 3 Colours Red.

AFL: It’s 40 years since your first release. With „nevermind the bollocks“ you created new standards in rock music. Are there people expecting the same music when they show up at a PROFESSIONALS show?

PAUL COOK: We’re not trying to break new ground with this album. We’re just trying to do what we do best. NMTB was of its time. I’m very proud of my part in it.
What in the world is me now in 2017, I’m just as proud of this but in a different way. I’m more involved in this record in every way, from production to the art work.

AFL: The Pistols have been known for riot! Why did no other band again provoke it’s gouverment that much. Storys like you playing on a boat to burst in the queens party never happened again. Don’t the new bands have the guts any more or have the Pistols been the most pissed band ever?

PAUL COOK: Maybe it’s harder to shock the government in the UK nowadays? 76/77 really was a totally different time. In the 60’s bands shocked by growing their hair past their ears. So we spiked it up. We weren’t the first pissed up band and we certainly won’t be the last. Rock’n’roll can still make its mark. Look at Pussy Riot in Russia.


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