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MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE “Papers, Please!” Video

Moscow Death Brigade's neues Video Papers Please. Der Song stammt von der Split mit What We Feel, Feine Sahne Fischfilet und Los Fastidios.

- Werbung -

Moscow Death Brigade aus Russland haben ein neues Video zu den Song Papers, Plaase! veröffentlicht. Der Song wird auf ihrer neuen Split EP mit What We Feel, Los Fastidios und Feine Sahne Fischfilet erhalten sein.

Die Split ersheint auf Audiolith Records, KOB Records und Voice Of The Streets Records mit Unterstützung von True Rebel Store and Lonsdale.de. Am 13. November gibt es in Prag eine Release Show für die neue EP mit Moscow Death Brigade an den neben den an der Split beteiligten Bands auch weitere Künstler auftreten werden.


Wrong place of birth, wrong papers, wrong accent
“Your presence here is unacceptable accident“
They turn backs on them, puppetry level’s excellent
They’re spitting lies in their eyes and never hesitate

You know what I’m saying, it’s time to spare your prayers
They look the other way for terrorists, smugglers and slavers
But if you’re running for your life, trying to escape the slaughter
They’ll let your wife die and feast on your sons and daughters

Poison the water, the feast of legalized murder
Their lies about human rights don’t cost a quarter
They bomb your home, let the beast roam, close the border
And feed the world another tale by double-tongued reporter

Forward to the past, Can I ask? Do you remember
How the allies were sending people back to gas chamber?
Beware the beast, at least you know what to expect
The circle closes and the history repeats itself

Papers, please! They get you on your knees
Straight face, race to the death, Deaf to your pleas
Who’s the real illegal people, who’s the real disease?
We’re all immigrants, We’re all refugees.

The circle closes and the history repeats itself
Like 80 years ago abandoning those to the death
Who happened to be born on the wrong side of the fence
Ignoring obvious atrocities and cries for help

Not all was apathy – fallacy, lost humanity
Progressive wanna-be society begets another malady
No remedy, humanitarian calamity
another people denied the right to live with vanity

Another Human race catastrophe,
Another instance of entitled masses showing lack of empathy
Authorities are waging war, you people lie in idleness
Refuse to take responsibility for leaders’ violence

Communities of hypocrites reveal their rotten values
“Civilized world” devoid of basic principles of kindness
Close minded, close the borders: entry denied
The price of economic comfort is their innocent lives

Papers, please! They get you on your knees
Straight face, race to the death, Deaf to your pleas
Who’s the real illegal people, who’s the real disease?
We’re all immigrants, We’re all refugees.

Face the facts, no thanks, “Your passport lacks stamps
Please go back for war, torture and the death camps”
Join the ranks, labeled as illegal people
Cursed by those who suck blood from golden calf’s nipple

Broken families, tragedies, who the devil is
They put another spiked wall on the land they seized
Barbed wire, peace expires, lost evidence
Infection of the whole soul, unknown genesis

moscow death brigade what we feel here to stay
Aktuelle Split von Moscow Death Brigade mit What We Feel.
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