New Wave Of Hardcore Mixtape
New Wave Of Hardcore Mixtape

World’s Appreciated Kitsch Records wird am 15. Dezember den Sampler New Wave Of Hardcore auf 100 Stück limitierten Tape veröffentlichen. Auf den Sampler sind 22 Bands vertreten, die den Tape teilweise unveröffentlichte Songs beisteuern. Mit dabei sind unter anderem One Step Closer, Never Ending Game oder Stolen Mind. Vorbestellen könnt ihr euch das Tape hier – aktuell sind noch knapp 25 der 100 Exemplare vorhanden.


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  1. END IT – Lifer (from ’One way track’ EP, Flatspot Records 2020)
  2. BLIND IDOL – Cup of rain (from ‘Town & city’ EP, New Morality Zine 2020)
  3. LIFEFORCE – Elevate (from ‘Hope and defiance’ 12”, New Age Records 2020)
  4. SPIRIT FLAW – Exit wound (previously unreleased)
  5. FUSE – Off the leash (from ‘This segregation will end’ 12”, Quality Control Records 2020)
  6. CRUSH THE DEMONIAC – Look who it ain’t (from ‘Fugitive soundz’ EP, Life.Lair.Regret 2020)
  7. GOING THE DISTANCE – Νιώθω το μίσος (from ‘A battle to win’ EP, self-released)
  8. CHOICE TO MAKE – World peace (live cover of Cro-Mags, previously unreleased)
  9. NEVER ENDING GAME – Hate you (from the ‘Bleeding / Hate you’ promo, Triple B Records 2018)
  10. ARMA X – El crujir de tus huesos (from the s/t promo, Tambores De Guerra 2019)
  11. ONE STEP CLOSER – Lead to grey (from the promo 2020, Triple B Records 2020)


  1. AGE OF APOCALYPSE – Cowboy behaviour (from ’The way’ 12”, Fuzz Records 2020)
  2. BLVD OF DEATH – It is what it is (from ‘Hell is full of good intentions’ EP, Edgewood Records 2019)
  3. BERTHOLD CITY – Beware the snakes (from ‘What time takes’ EP, WAR Records 2020)
  4. MASTERMIND – Stuck in a rut (from the promo 2020, self-released)
  5. WORN – Public execution (live, previously unreleased)
  6. BRUTE – Amboy punks (previously unreleased)
  7. ANXIOUS – Small (from ’Never better’ EP, Triple B Records 2019)
  8. AGAINST ALL ODDS – Hardway (from the upcoming EP ‘Wolfpack’)
  9. STOLEN MIND – The act of mercy (from ’Heaven’s packed’ LP, Farewell Records 2020)
  10. BLANKET HILL – Defcon one (previously unreleased)
  11. SHRED BUNDY – Prisoner (from ‘Chaos cycle’ EP, Slam Records 2020)
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