Nachdem Odd Man Out aus Seattle/Olympia (USA) bereits für das Refuse Records Jubiläums-Fest angekündigt worden waren (wir berichteten), wird der Wunsch nach einer Europa-Tour nun auch erfüllt.

Außerdem geplant ist eine 12″ mit ihren beiden EPs CCHC und Now You Pay, ihrem Demo-Tape aus dem Jahr 2014, sowie neuen Songs, welches ebenso über Refuse Records herauskommen soll. Die Daten der Tour findet ihr im Anschluss.

ODD MAN OUT (Olympia, WA, USA / Pop Wig Records / Refuse Records)
Olympia, WA’s Odd Man Out supports a lifestyle that informs and inspires all forms of life. Although the language in the name suggests masculinity, they admire and embrace all spectrums of love, sexuality and identity. Odd Man Out supports a positive interaction with YOUR world and YOUR life, and encourages every struggle against socialized oppression and capitalism. Featuring members of Gag and Angel Dust, they bring a stomp comparable to bands like Floorpunch and Youth Of Today.
Their 12″ with the songs compiled from both 7″s, tapes and new tracks will be out on Refuse Records.

8.06. Germany, Berlin, Refuse 25th year anniversary fest @ Cassiopeia
9.06. Germany/Poland/Slovakia (AVAILABLE – GET IN TOUCH!)
10.06. Germany/Hungary (AVAILABLE – GET IN TOUCH!)
11 Austria, Wien @ Venster 99 w/ Protester (US), Line Of Sight (US)
13 Switzerland, Zurich TBC
14 France, Nantes TBC
15 France, Antwerp w/ Protester (US), Line Of Sight (US)
16 UK
17 UK
18 UK
19 Germany, Leipzig
20 Czech Republic, Prague @ Cafe Na Pul Cesty
21 Poland, Kraków
22 Poland, Warsaw
23 Spain
24 Spain
25 Spain


Update 1. März 2018:


8.06. Germany, Berlin, Refuse 25th year anniversary fest @ Cassiopeia
8-17.06. on tour with ANGEL DU$T
18.06. France, Paris
19.06. France, Nantes
20.06. France, Lyon
21.06. Spain TBC
22.06. Portugal, Faro
23.06. Spain, Madrid, Compromiso Fest
24.06. Spain, Barcelona TBC
25.06. France, Marseille, TBC
26.06. Italy, Padova TBC
27.06. Germany, Leipzig
28.06. Prague @ Eternia
29.06. Poland, Krakow
30.06. Poland, Zelebsko, Ultra Chaos Piknik w/ Doom (UK), Government Flu
1.07. Poland, Warszawa @ Poglos w/ Firewalker (US), Heatseeker, Glamour
2.07. Poland, Torun


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