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Da hat sich Revelation Records aber einen weiteren dicken Fisch geangelt. Die noch rechte junge Hardcore Band Primal Rite aus San Fransisco (USA) wird bei dem bekannten Label eine 7″ und ein Album veröffentlichen.

Ihre aktuelle Singe, die im Februar diesen Jahres erschienen ist, könnt ihr hier anhören und kostenfrei herunterladen:

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Hier das Statement von Revelation Records:

We’ve signed San Francisco’s Primal Rite and are very stoked to share it with you! They will be doing a 7″ and LP with Revelation, both to be recorded later this year.

Primal Rite were born after the premature demise of San Francisco’s Scalped, but finds new life adding vocalist Lucy of Profile (@reactrecords) to an already well-respected lineup that features current and former members of Busted Outlook, Condition, Tony Molina Band, Face The Rail and many other Bay Area punk and hardcore groups. Primal Rite goes beyond any specific hardcore formula, injecting elements of blazing Japanese and Scandinavian hardcore punk, Cleveland-styled crunch and ’80s crossover into their sound. Look for a self-recorded 7″ single and LP recorded by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden (Defheaven, Loma Prieta) soon after.

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Demons Run Amok

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