SHOOK ONES veröffentlichen neues Album „Body Feel“


Shook Ones meldet sich zurück und wird am 19. Oktober 2018 ein neues Album namens Body Feel veröffentlichen. Der Nachfolger von The Unquotable A.M.H. (2009) wird elf Songs enthalten und über  Revelation Records erscheinen.

Body Feel wurde in den vergangenen Monaten in Hear Me Shimmer und Loom Room aufgenommen und von Jack Shirley im The Atomic Garden gemasert. Der Sound ordnet sich dabei irgendwo zwischen 7 Seconds, Lifetme und Hot Water Music ein. Die ersten Hörproben sollen in den kommenden Wochen folgen.

Sänger Scott Freeman zum neuen Album:


„We never really stopped writing and playing together. I came of age using music as a way to vent/process/cope with feelings. Now, as was the case in my early twenties, I processed some personal events in my life over the past few years by writing about them, and that’s what defines most of the new record lyrically. Eventually, you get to a place where you have a pretty sizable collection of these ideas that were once stuck in your head and it just makes sense to record them. It certainly didn’t happen overnight with life being what it is.“

1. Night Blind
2. Should He Be Driving?
3. So Much Camo
4. No Bucket
5. Rhymes With Robbed
6. Primer
7. Mercer….Fuck
8. Turn Off The Stove Already
9. Feels Like Red
10. You Missed A Button
11. Daytime Television

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– Playlist: Happy Release Day

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