Last Hope haben erst vor einigen Wochen ihr neues Album Peacemaker über CoreTex Records veröffentlicht. Anlass für uns Sänger Alex seine fünf Lieblingsbands aus Bulgarien vorstellen zu lassen – und ab dafür!

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5 Bands to check out from Bulgaria!

Last Hope (Bild von Actiongraphers)
Last Hope (Bild von Actiongraphers)

Hi, my name is Alex and I’m singer of the hardcore band Last Hope from Sofia / Bulgaria. We come from a not so big, but very strong and tight hardcore community – we, our circle of friends and bands, started building this scene in the early nineties, when we were very young kids. There was no hardcore scene before us, so we’re very proud of what we’ve built and what we have now. There are a lot bands which are worth mentioning here, but since there’s a limit of only 5, I would stick to a very small mix of current active bands and all my favorite locals top 5.


This is one of my all-time favorite bands, besides being homeboys and best friends. A true legend in our scene. Heavy-weight hardcore with very original sound and super powerful live performance. They never got internationally recognized, because they never toured and also they sing in Bulgarian – I’m sure they could have been pretty well-known in Europe, under different circumstances… Vendetta started in early 2000’s, but technically they just changed their name from Face Up – with a very slight line-up change and different, way heavier musical direction. The original Face Up, was the first hardcore band in Sofia and together with Last Hope, we pretty much built this scene locally. Played so many shows together with Face Up and Vendetta, and to this day – 20+ years later, we still hang out together almost every day!

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Another OG band, but from Varna – the birthplace of Bulgarian hardcore scene. They’ve been playing since mid-nineties and always been another one of my favorites. Outrage changed their sound throughout the years – started as a classic 90’s New York hardcore influenced band and slowly evolved into what is Outrage nowadays – dark apocalyptic crusty-sounding heavy-hitting core! And there’s no compromise or whatsoever in this band live! They never cared of trends or what is cool and what is not – realest of the real, as music and attitude! I personally love all their era’s, but would definitely recommend to check their brilliant latest record:


B.F.D.M. – featuring members from Vendetta and Rejection, also great friends of mine and amazing hardcore band. Another one of my all-time top bands. Originally started as a fun-project in early 2000’s, heavily influenced by Cro-Mags and Leeway, quickly turned into a real band, after many of us told them their songs are so brilliant and they must continue. These guys know very well how to play their instruments, they sound so tight, but their lyrics are in Bulgarian, so only locals could understand the meaning. Definitely a band that needs to be heard live.


It’s the newer generations of Bulgarian hardcore bands, which stood out right from the start. Although still considered as a young band, they already got 2 full-length records and have been very active since. Quite different from what you would call traditional hardcore style – dark, but also melodic, with charismatic frontman and cool vibe. They are one of the only few bands from Bulgaria, that tries to travel more and tour outside the Balkan area.


REDOUND is another very cool band from Sofia with a very strong status. Definitely not for everyone, as they might be considered as too extreme for someone’s taste. Redound are one of the reasons the so-called beatdown hardcore is quite popular fraction within the scene in Sofia – but for me they’ve been always a real hardcore band and they got a lot of respect for the longevity and their authentic style.

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Last Hope haben am 29. November 219 ihr neues Album Peacemaker über CoreTex Records veröffentlicht.

Last Hope - Peacemaker (2019)
Last Hope – Peacemaker (2019)
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