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TRAINWRECK Video von letzer Show

Am 17. Oktober gaben Trainwreck ihre letzte Show im AZ Aachen. Das komplette Set des Abends wurde dabei mitgefilmt. RIP Trainwreck!

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Scheisse Minnelli

Trainwreck haben sich aufgelöst nach knapp 10 Jahren aufgelöst! Am 17. Oktober gab die Hardcore-Punk Band im Rahmen einer Benefiz-Show ihr finales Konzert im AZ Aachen. Das komplette Set des Abends wurde dabei mitgefilmt.

Hier das Statement von Trainwreck zur letzten Show:

So Trainwreck is over and done. The last song has been played, the feedback has faded and everyone scattered in all directions again. After 10 years we layed the beast to rest this past weekend. It´s been a worthy end for Trainwreck, closing this chapter where it started a decade prior: One last communion at the beloved AZ with three bands we´ve played numerous shows together. Besides Svffer, Sleep Kit and Jungbluth all the people that came around from near and far to say goodbye (big ups to Vlad on this occasion for coming all the way from Romania!) made this a great experience. It´s been incredible seeing lot´s of those who accompanied our little band throughout the years wether it being through befriending us, setting up shows, sharing stages, putting out records or just coming to our shows for years – thanks dearly! Needless to say a few of those faces were missed, but i´m sure we´ll meet again sometime soon. Let´s see if we can put together a comprehensive thanks-list within the next few weeks. In the meantime, the fine folks at xclusivex.com filmed the whole show. Thanks for the show and keep in mind:
„Well now everything dies baby that’s a fact but maybe everything that dies someday comes back.“

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