Wolfbrigade [photos by E. Ljungbacken]
Wolfbrigade [photos by E. Ljungbacken]
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Wolfbrigade präsentieren uns mit The Wolfman eine Kostprobe von ihrem neuen Album The Enemy: Reality, das diesen Freitag, den 08. November 2019, über Southern Lord Records erscheinen wird.

Die schwedische Hardcore/Crust-Legende selbst zum neuen Album:

- Werbung -

Humans are a narcissistic breed, incapable of real change. This album is a way for us to deal with the fact that we are one of a large pack, submitting to the same societal norms as everyone else. No matter how much we would like it to be different. We are all on the same crazy trip.

The Enemy: Reality ist der Nachfolger von Run With The Hunted, das 2017 erschienen ist.

Wolfbrigade – The Enemy: Reality Tracklist

  1. Sum Of All Vices
  2. Fire Untamed
  3. The Wolfman
  4. Hammer To The Skull
  5. Narcissistic Breed
  6. Nightmare Of Wolves
  7. Doomsday Dominion
  8. Wells Of Despair
  9. Human Beast
  10. Hunt The Hunter


  • Jocke Rydbjer – guitar
  • Micke Dahl – vocals
  • Erik Norberg – guitar
  • Johan Erken – bass
  • Tommy Storback – drums
- Werbung -
Demons Run Amok

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