Pulley haben ein neues Album veröffentlicht. (Review hier)
Das ist doch Grund genug Sänger Scott nach seinen größten Einflüssen zu fragen, oder?

1Social Distortion – Mommys Little Monster

If I’m going strictly of a record I have listened to a ton it would be this. When I was younger I thought they were writing songs that were so catchy and melodic that it’s what got me hooked, similar to the next record I picked it was ahead of it’s time,, I’m not sure if I knew they played well or not back then live but I do know they weren’t afraid to be themselves and there was always energy live, a big influence on a lot of bands that came along and I’m personally happy to see their still doing it better than ever..

2Decendents – Milo Goes To College

This was a masterpiece in my early introduction to punk, the bass lines, ha!  Never heard anything like that before, Milo’s voice with melody and snarl,  bills drums are just pounding along song after song,, bottom line is when you can sing every word of every song even after not listening to it for 20 yrs,, it’s great

3Minor Threat – 1st Two Seven Inches

We heard of this band from DC from the flex your head comp, access to music was hard back then, to get this in California was rare, best hardcore band I ever saw live, energy and soul, These songs came right out of the speakers with a message, it was an influential time to be 15, the scene was growing and branching out into different styles and getting younger, it was a soundtrack for me in junior high,

4 Kiss – Alive 2

One of the first records I owned, not sure if the mystique of the band, the music or what it was but I think this was the record that made me want to play music, it was early elementary school when I heard this and would play air guitar along to the songs, I loved ace, smoke firing out of his guitar,  his stage moves, and his solo on shock me. I think almost everyone I knew was into kiss, it certainly opened the door to a lot of music for me.

5I’ll Repute – What Happens Next

Coming out of my own local scene nardcore, these were the early days when punk rock was more of a family, fast and in your face this band was always playing live, the record is more of an ep but every song is a winner, along with aggression, stalag and dr know we had all the best bands playing house parties in our towns.

Being able to play drums for them on anUS tour in 85 is something that will always keep me connected to one of my favorite records and bands..

6RKL – Everything They Recorded

This will be the only band I do not choose a record from because I’m choosing all of them, best band ever to come out of the nardcore scene, best songs, best musicians, best live show,  songs that will shred and melt your face, bomber was the best drummer and his kick patterns are what punk rock eventually turned into,, if this band were to come out today they would be huge,  anyone who knows about RKL usually feels the same way, super huge influence on people who play music

7Propaghandi – Less Talk

When I first heard this we had played some shows up in eastern Canada with the band and this record was not released yet,  they played amazing as a three piece and sounded just like the record, The first song hit me hard, mid tempo and angry as fuck, lyrically there’s nothing that disappoints on any propaghandi record,  maybe it was the time? My mood? Not sure?  But this record was like a story to me and it would get me hyped up and in a great mood, I thought it was heading into the direction they would eventually go musically with riffs and in your face vocals as well as well written songs, this record has been a mainstay for me for 25 yrs now and I can’t imagine it not being for the next 25..

8Bad Brains – S/T

What can I really say about them, It’s the bad brains, they did nothing wrong

9Husker Du – Zen Arcade

A dbl album of melody from Minnesota,  under two min the first song kicks in and you know it’s gonna be a great record,  these guys were a big influence early on for me with bobs guitar sound cutting through like a knife, I am pretty sure all guitar players want that sound,  great hooks and both Bob and grant singing always made husker du a favorite, another band who probably came out a little too early to achieve the success they should’ve but an influence to many none the less.

Minutemen, Big Boys, SSD, Circle jerks, Adolecents, Dag Nasty, Agnostic Front, Battalion of saints, 7 seconds, offenders, Want me to go on? I’m not gonna stop at 10……


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