Winds Of Promise werden am 28. August ihr neues Album Cut. Heal. Scar. über UNITY Worldwide Records veröffentlichen. Wir nahmen den bevorstehenden Output zum Anlass uns von Joe D. Foster seine 10 Lieblings Hardcore-Alben vorstellen zu lassen. Am Ende nennt uns Joe dann auch noch seine 10 favourite Punk-Platten.

I am Joe D. Foster. I play guitar in a band from Orange County, California called Winds of Promise. I collect mostly old hardcore classics such as early Discord and REV stuff. I also love all the new labels and pre-order releases. I am going to give them all to my little boy Oliver some day.

Weitere 10 Records Worth To Die For »

1Faith – Subject To Change

One of my favorites because following your big brother has got to be hard and Alec found his own nitch. The guitar work here and vocal patterns were very influential to me and my approach to music.

27 Seconds – The Crew

Aside from the sheer power of positivity and sing a longs, these were great guys and even let me do backup vocals on the crew.

3Minor Threat all of them

The band that started it all for me. I would tape a punk radio show before I went to bed and listen to it the next morning. When I heard this I was hooked. Never been the same since

4Swiz – Hell Yes I cheated

One of the progressive vocal and musical bands to me ahead of their time. Great DC phrasing and catchy interesting music.

5Sensefield – Killed For Less

This is like fresh air. Also down right religious and especially now. Jon is singing to us as an angel, then and now. This record started a new path of hardcore for many.

6Youth of Today – Break Down the Walls

In your face and with a message. Youth, intense, urgent. Everything you would ever want from early hardcore. A blue print of excellence.

7Marginal Man all 3 of them

My favorite band of all time. So ahead of it’s time. Steve Polcari’s evolution from Artificial Peace (which was amazing) to this more defined and unique sounding masterpiece. The guitar work though out these records is perfect. Kenny Inouye is and always has been my favorite guitar player. Genius hooks laid over chords, power melody and insightful lyrics make this number 1 for me.

8Apology – Pass You By

What can we say here. The forgotten Wishing Well Records release with Mr Shy, Mike Gitter singing. If you have not hear the song “Pass You By” you really need to. Probably the most under appreciated record in this genre in history in my opinion.

9Shelter – Quest For Certainty

Capps fan here so aside from the vocals, I really love the name and how passionate Ray was with the message he brought. Excellent hooks everywhere. So modern and polished. Top ten for sure.

10Embrace – s/t

The GOAT yet again raises the bar with this classic. Where would we be or at with out Mr Mackaye. DC had it going on and changed the world.

11Joe‘s Top-10-Punkrock -Vinyl

For all who prefer listing to Punk-Rock, here my Punk-Rock Top-10:

  1. Bad Religion – How Could Hell & Suffer
  2. Pennywise – Unknown Road
  3. Adolescents – Blue
  4. Vandals – Peace Thru Vandalism
  5. TSOL – Dance With Me
  6. At The Drive In – Vaya
  7. Millencolin alle LP‘s
  8. No Fun At All alle LP‘s
  9. I. – Ancient Artifacts
  10. MIA – Murder In A Foreign Place

Weitere 10 Records Worth To Die For »

Cut. Heal. Scar. wird am 28. August 2020 über UNITY Worldwide Records erscheinen. Weitere Informationen zum neuen Album, das ab sofort bei CoreTex Records vorbestellt werden kann, findet ihr bei unseren Kollegen von No Echo.

Die Hardcore-Band aus Orange County, die sich aus ehemaligen Mitgliedern von Unity, Uniform Choice, Ignite, Triggerman und The Killing Flame zusammensetzt, legte 2018 über gleichem Label ihr Debütalbum vor. Im April 2019 waren Winds Of Promise erstmals bei uns auf Europa-Tour gewesen.

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