10 Records Worth To Die For: #155 mit Matt DeeCrack


Die Dee Cracks sind sowas wie die Ramones aus Österreich. Wenn nicht grade eine Pandemie sie aufhält, sind sie stets auf Tour und spielen die Songs so schnell wie es ihnen möglich ist. Matt hat sich die Zeit genommen uns seine Lieblingsplatten vorzustellen:

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1The Marked Men – On The Outside

When I first heard the Marked Men I almost couldn’t believe how powerful and catchy they are. This one particularly stands out for me. Still today Jeff Burke is one of my heroes when it comes to songwriting. If you listen to Punk Rock and don’t like this, you don’t really listen well!

2Beatles – 1962-1966

I was thinking a bit about this one here…. It was hard to decide if a Beatles, a Stones or a Kinks record makes the list since all 3 have been (and still are) a big influence on me. So I went with the one I heard first. The Beatles are one of those bands that make you feel like you already know and love the song even though you’ve just heard it for the very first time. At least that’s what happened to me. I stole this record (among others) from my father a long time ago and it’s still one of my most beloved possessions. Every song’s a classic and I like to think this record kinda made me fall in love with music as a little kid…

3Black Flag – Everything Went Black

This band is fascinating. Well, the whole 80s Hardcore punk movement is.
There is something about Black Flag that always makes me revisit them. Even though they had a sort of negative or ‚anti‘ attitude there’s still this intense spirit of optimism.
That there’s something new, something exciting. The band’s energy and that certain intensity is perfectly represented on that record.
Everytime I listen to ‚Everything went black‘ I end up spending the entire evening spinning punk records from that era.

4Weezer – Blue Album

That album is not just a fantastic record, it also brings back many memories.
I bought it when it came out, without ever hearing of them, and I fell in love with it right away. The sound combined with the amazing harmonies is incredible.
‚Holiday‘ is undoubtedly one of my favourite songs ever.

5Screeching Weasel – BoogadaBoogadaBoogada

What can I say about this one?To me it screams ‚Youth‘, ‚Anger‘, ‚Fun‘ and a big ‚FUCK YOU‘!
I love the early snotty, witty hardcore punk Weasel sound.
This was one of my favourite bands throughout my entire teenage years and beyond.
I still have the setlist of my very first show ever (summer ’95). We played 7 songs and among those was ‚I wanna be naked‘. (which you can find on this record)
Fast forward to 2019 – DeeCracks had the honor and pleasure to perform a full Screeching Weasel set ,at the Arena/Vienna, featuring original guitarist and founding member John ‚Jughead‘ Pierson. How cool was that?

6Bruce Springsteen – Born In The USA

I think Springsteen is one of the last rock’n’roll originals out there cause nowadays it’s pretty rare to get so much honesty in music. At least that’s my impression, maybe I’m wrong, who cares. Ever since I was a kid his music somehow spoke to me.
It’s crazy how ‚Born in the USA‘ almost feels like a ‚best of‘ comp. Every song’s a hit on there. When I’m in the right mood nothing can top that record.

7Johnny Thunders – So Alone

Well, the entire Thunders catalog is gold but I had to choose one…
I love the vibe of this record. It is an amazing follow up to the iconic ‚LAMF‘ and I say it’s even stronger. Johnny was such a tragic, but pure and fascinating character.
And this record, even if I’ve never met the guy, gives me the impression of knowing him pretty well. Also the idea of kicking off a rock n roll record with a surf song was stolen from here…. by some austrian punk band …

8Die Toten Hosen – Bis Zum Bitteren Ende Live!

In the late 80s this band was my introduction to Punk Rock.
The first time I saw them I knew this is nothing like the rest. The way they looked, their attitude and of course the songs. This is one of the coolest live albums ever. It captures the band in its prime (in my opinion). There has never been a single houseparty at my place without this record on full volume. Die Toten Hosen introduced me to bands such as the Ramones, the Clash, the Boys ..amm. I highly recommend „Learning English Lesson 1“, which is nothing less than the best ‚classic‘ punk compilation ever as well.

9Ramones – All The Stuff Vol 1

This was my very first Ramones record. I bought it in 1991 at a Virgin Megastore along with a Sex Pistols, UK Subs and Lurkers album.
That memory is still so fresh… maybe because it totally changed my (12 year old ha ha) life and pretty much led me into a direction that I am still following 30 years later.
I would have never picked up a guitar if it wasn’t for that record/band.

10Beach Boys – Pet Sounds

The Beach Boys are my all time favourite band.
I don’t know if Pet Sounds is actually my favourite record by them but it is definitely high up there. I picked it as my number one to represent the band basically. I am a big fan of Surf music, like the Surfaris, Ventures, the Lively Ones…aso, but the Beach Boys are way more than that! I love the influences that they took from Beat, Blues and most of all the Phil Spector style pop. Brian Wilson is the best songwriter of all time. Period.

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