10 Records Worth To Die For: #60 mit Frida Ståhl (The Baboon Show)


Radio Rebelde, das neue Album von The Baboon Show, steht  unmittelbar vor der Tür! Anlass genug um uns von Bassistin Frida ihre zehn Lieblingsplatten präsentieren zu lassen. Frida ist seit 2013 Mitglied der Band. Das erste Mal The Baboon Show bestaunen durfte ich schon sieben Jahre früher. Dort waren sie 2017 im Vorprogramm von Motörhead mit Frida’s alter Band Meldrum. Im Frühjahr wird sie mit der Baboon Show auch wieder auf Tour sein, es lohnt sich mal vorbeizuschauen! Hier nun aber ihre 10 Records Worth To Die For.

1Hole – Live Through This

On this album Courtney and the rest of the band opened the world to me. She showed me that I could stand on stage with one foot on the monitor, legs wide apart and rock your soul out.

2Guns n Roses – Appetite For Destruction

Every single tune on ”appetite” is just amazing in my book, from the opening with welcome to the jungle to rocket queen. I love how Duff plays, not to much just enough.

3Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks

I bought this vinyl when I was 14. I remember that I couldn’t stop listen to it, it sounded so different from anything I heard before. I often fell asleep listening to it at night.

4L7 – Bricks Are Heavy

What a facemelter this is!!! I wanted to be Jennifer Finch!!! Still do actually, haha!!! Listen to shitlist, pretend we’re dead and you see what I mean!!

5Ramones – Loco Live

First album I got with the Ramones. What can I say 1,2,3,4..,

6Björk –  Post

I love Björk so much, her voice, songs, attitude, stagepresent.. This album starts of with a great bass riff in the song army of me. The album has all elements on it heavy, soft, jazzy, and of course mysterious.

7Pantera –  Vulgar Display Of Power

I saw pantera in the early ninthies, and that raw power blew me away.. with my old band meldrum we often covered ”walk”. I actually listen too much to Pantera so now I cant listen to them anymore.

8Tchaikovsky – Swanlake

I have to have to have this one on the list. When I was a kid I almost only listen to classical music, I guess I was a bit weird, haha. And Swanlake was my favorite. I went back to it last year and it’s still a favorite

9Lana del Rey – born to die

As you can see on this list it’s mostly music I listen to growing up, but when I heard Lana del rey the first time I was hooked. When I’m on tour I often listen to her when I go to sleep. She has this lullaby-feeling in alot of her song and I love her darkness.

10Soundgarden – Superunknown

It was kind of hard to pick the 10th album there are so many bands that I love, AC/DC, Morbid Angel, Myrkur, Suicidal Tendences and on and on.. But I have to have Soungarden on the list and this is the album I’ve listen to the most. I love Chris Cornells voice and the songs like the day I tried to live, its just beautiful.


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