Field Day (Photo by Josh Coffman /
Field Day (Photo by Josh Coffman /

Field Day ist Hardcore-Punk-Band aus Los Angeles, die 2018 von den ehemaligen Dag Nasty-Mitglieder Peter Cortner und Doug Carrion gegründet wurde. Seit 2019 spielt die Band Shows und geben dort Songs des Dag Nasty-Klassikers Field Day zum Besten. Nebenbei hat die Band auch eigene Tracks geschrieben, die nun im Juni 2020 nun unter dem Titel 2.0 über UNITY Worldwide Records erscheinen werden.

Peter und Doug wirkten bei Dag Nastys legenden Veröffentlichungen Wig Out At Denko’s (1987, Dischord Records) und Field Day (1988, Giant Records) mit. In dieser Zeit spielten beide rund 300 Shows mit der einflussreichen Hardcore-Punk-Band, die 1985 unter anderem von Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Bad Religoin etc.) gegründet wurde.

Hier ein Pressetext mit weiteren Informationen zu Field Day:


Peter Cortner and Doug Carrion are probably the most notorious outcasts of the Dag Nasty franchise to date, and they’ve joined forces as Field Day, and began doing shows in the summer 2019 and slated to deliver new music in 2020.

Doug and Peter performed on Dag Nasty’s iconic recordings Wig Out at Denko’s (Dischord Records) and Field Day (Giant Records), and played some 300 shows throughout the United States and Canada in the late 80’s. These recordings are credited as cornerstones of what was eventually termed melodic hardcore, and inspired new bands like Pennywise and Rise Against.

In 2018 there was a conversation between Brian Baker, Doug and Peter regarding how best, if at all, to perform Wig Out and Field Day songs live. With scheduling and geographic conflicts unavoidable, in 2019 it was agreed that Doug and Peter would forge ahead under the name Field Day, to avoid confusing Dag Nasty fans or promoters.

Carrion refers to Field Day as “a perfect time to revisit previous material for the fans, and a way to continue exploring music.”

Since his departure from Dag Nasty, Doug Carrion has continued building his long list of credits, ranging from the Descendents to Kottonmouth Kings, while Peter Cortner has remained mostly out of the music world, opting to pursue academia. With a new project at hand, Field Day has presented the perfect opportunity to welcome Peter back into the musical fold.


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Field Day – Besetzung

  • Doug Carrion (Dag Nasty/ Descendents)
  • Peter Cortner (Dag Nasty)
  • Mark Phillips (Down By Law)
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– Playlist: Happy Release Day

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