ITHACA veröffentlichen Video zu „They Fear Us!

Die erste Single des kommenden zweiten Albums "They Fear Us" erzeugt schon ordentlich Vorfreude.


Die metallische Hardcore-Truppe Ithaca holt zum Schlag aus und veröffentlicht mit ihrer neuen Single They Fear Us einen ordentlichen Hammer.

Der Song entstammt ihrem zweiten gleichnamigen Album, welches am 29. Juli 2022 via Hassle Records erscheinen wird.

Ithaca zum Video:

Making this video was one of the hardest but most creatively fulfilling things we’ve ever done as a band. We shot in multiple locations over multiple days, we stripped down to our underwear, we swallowed fake blood – we put everything into it!
The video is about reclaiming power – our main location was in a stately home of the British landed gentry, to create a contrast between us and the colonial imagery on the walls, representing us kicking down doors and taking up space. The visuals are influenced by experimental cinema, religious iconography and pre-Raphaelite paintings. We set this level of ambition to announce ourselves as an unapologetic, inescapable force in the heavy music scene – you will fear us.

Ihr Debütalbum The Language Of Injury erschien 2019.

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– Playlist: Happy Release Day

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