Bevor Richie Ramone zu uns auf Tour kommt, haben wir uns mit ihm ein wenig unterhalten. Richie war von 1983 bis 1987 Drummer bei den Ramones und ist auf den Alben Halfway To Sanity, Too Tough To Die und Animal Boy zu hören.

Mark could never replace me or Tommy for that matter.

AFL: Hey Richie, Last year you cancelled your tour cause of health reasons. What happened and are you fine again?

Richie Ramone: I was having a routine checkup with my doctor and he discovered a large aneurysm. It needed to be taken care of immediately and he advised me to cancel all tours. We could not take a chance on it bursting. I feel great now and so relieved that this was found because I probably would not be here today.

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Richie Ramone (Bild zur Verfügung gestellt von Allrooms Agency)
Richie Ramone (Bild zur Verfügung gestellt von Allrooms Agency)

AFL: It has been a bit since your last physical release. Any plans for the future?

Richie Ramone: We are working on new material now and will most likely have a new album out in the fall. It took like two years to put my book together, I Know Better Now, my life before, during and after the Ramones, so that is why this new release is coming out later than anticipated. Backbeat books published the book and you can get it on Amazon and many other outlets. It’s a great read but it is only in English.

AFL: You are touring since ages now. C Jay, the youngest of all Ramones, announced that he will stop touring last year. Now only you and Marky are still hitting the road. Any plans when you want to stop playing yet?

Richie Ramone: I have no plans on stopping. As long as I remain healthy and not lose my edge, I see no reason to stop. I enjoy being an entertainer and meeting all the great people around the world makes it even better. Ramones fans are the best!

AFL: You wrote „Somebody Put Something In My Drink“, one of the most famous songs of the band. Please, tell us a  bit about it!

Richie Ramone: When I first moved to NYC as a young kid with no money, my friend Flash and I would go out to clubs and steal drinks from people when they went to the dance floor. One night I got more than I bargained for as the drink was laced with LSD. It was very scary at first because I did not realize what was happening to me as I became very disorientated. But after a while I knew what it was and just enjoyed the rest of the evening. Needless to say, I never did that again!

Richie Ramone (Bild zur Verfügung gestellt von Allrooms Agency)
Richie Ramone (Bild zur Verfügung gestellt von Allrooms Agency)

AFL: The Ramones often worked with studio musicians. How was your opinion about it? Was it fine for you to get someone drumming your stuff in the studio?

Richie Ramone: No one ever drummed on my stuff in the studio. You must be confusing me with Mark. There were other people who played some bass and guitar parts, like Walter Lure, but my drums were solid and never needed replacing.

AFL: You replaced Marky when he had his drinking problem, later he replaced you again. How do you think about each other?

Richie Ramone:  First of all, Mark could never replace me or Tommy for that matter. Mark and I have no relationship and have never spoken to one another. I guess he’s intimidated by me because he just doesn’t have the same talent.

AFL: It never was a secret that Johnny and Joey did not really like each other. How was it to sit in a van with two guys that did not talk to each other?

Richie Ramone:  During my tenure it didn’t seem all that crazy. I was just a kid living the dream and never focused on the negative. Maybe after I left it got worse but I don’t remember it being an issue when I was in the band.

AFL: What was your best moment in the Ramones?

Richie Ramone: Having them pick me after all the drummers they auditioned. It changed my life and I get to say I was in one of the greatest bands of all time.Thank you!

AFL: What was your worst moment in the Ramones?

Richie Ramone: There were no bad times!

Richie Ramone – Europa-Tour 2020

05.03. Copenhagen, Basement
06.03. Hamburg, Monkey’s Music Club
07.03. Berlin, Wild at Heart
08.03. Bremen, Lagerhaus
09.03. Hannover, Lux
10.03. Cologne, Sonic Ballroom
11.03. Enschede, Metropool
12.03. Brussels, Magasin 4
13.03. Mannheim, 7er Club
14.03. Erfurt, Engelsburg
15.03. Dresden, Rosis Amüsierlokal
16.03. Munich, Backstage
17.03. Brno, Eleven Club
18.03. Vienna, Viper Room
19.03. Budapest, Dürer Kert
20.03. Timisoara, Capcana
21.03. Belgrade, Bozidarac
22.03. Sofia, Terminal 1
23.03. Zajecar, Omladinski centar
25.03. Zagreb, Vintage Industrial Bar
26.03. Velden, Bluesiana
27.03. Bergamo, Druso
28.03. Vercelli, Officine Sonore
29.03. Treviso, Krach Club
30.03. Pescara, Scumm
01.04. Zürich, Dynamo (Werk 21)
02.04. Segovia, Juan Bravo
03.04. Madrid, Grutta77
04.04. Barcelona, Wolf

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