The Hammer (Schweden) und Coupe Gorge (Frankreich) haben eine Split-EP auf Straight & Alert veröffentlicht. Die Songs können auf Bandcamp gestreamt und heruntergeladen werden.

Beide Bands tragen der Split jeweils drei Songs bei.

1.    THE HAMMER – Swallow The Blood 00:49
2.    THE HAMMER – Dead At Birth 01:12
3.    THE HAMMER – Nothing Alike 01:35
4.    COUPE GORGE – Fidèle 01:10
5.    COUPE GORGE – Pieds Et Poings Liés 00:51
6.    COUPE GORGE – Sombre Désespoir 01:38


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For those who are not familiar with COUPE GORGE yet, they are part of the new wave of french bands bringing hardcore/punk/oi music sang in french back, along with Syndrome 81, Rixe and alike. CG goes with some raw Negative Approach influenced tracks „en Français“. Featuring members of Syndrome 81, Sparkrow, The Wedge.

Concerning THE HAMMER, if you’ve been following S&A you know who they are. If you don’t just remember they are swedish and they sound like a raw mix of THE FLEX, THINK I CARE and 86 MENTALITY.

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– Playlist: Happy Release Day

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